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The Best Rolling Trays for Seshing and More

Let the good vibes roll with these stylish, stoner-approved trays.

best rolling trays
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Rolling trays are one of the first items that can level up your weed game. Gone are the days of using a plate or even worse, just right on the kitchen table with the crumbs, to transport your weed from grinder to smoking vehicle. If you have money to buy massive amounts of reggie, you can spend $10 (even less!) on a rolling tray.

Here are the rolling trays that combine fashion and function, because your cannabis deserves only the best.

    Tips for Shopping for Rolling Trays

    Tip #1: Keep It Smooth

    No one wants to roll on a wonky tray that resembles the swirly pattern all the hip girlies are wearing or one with random cracks and divots that eat your herb.

    Tip #2: Raised Perimeter

    “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” the old adage goes, and it definitely applies to the design of rolling trays. Lifted edges — which mostly every rolling tray has — prevents your herb from getting everywhere.

    Tip #3: Size

    If you roll on too small of a tray, you’ll get cannabis all over your floor. Large trays, although giving you more space to roll, aren’t the most travel-friendly. Consider your needs, like how much you’ll be rolling and where before purchasing.

    Tip #4: Accoutrements

    There are rolling trays that come with joint holders, space for your grinder, storage for your bud and a place for an ashtray. If you won’t need all that, stick to a tray with a simpler design.

    Tip #5: Materials

    Rolling trays can be made of glass, acrylic, aluminum, ceramic, wood and more. All of these options have different levels of durability and travel-friendliness.

    The Best Rolling Trays of 2022

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    Best Overall Rolling Tray
    K.Haring Tray

    This rolling tray is a beauty. Made from three millimeter glass with Keith Haring’s iconic artwork, this tray does double duty as a rolling tray and a catchall tray in your entranceway. Not only that, it’s a perfect size and a pretty good entry-level tray for someone looking to find something that’s practical and snazzy. Coming in four equally gorgeous designs, it will be hard to choose just one.

    Best Splurge Rolling Tray
    Edie Parker Flower Rolling Tray

    Editor's Note [4/6]: The Flower version of this rolling tray is out of stock. However, the brand does offer four other styles of the same tray.

    Featuring a place for a grinder or stash jar and a place for your finished joints, this tray is made to be shown off. Made in the same acrylic as Edie Parker’s iconic clutches and bags, this rolling tray is made to last thanks to the material’s strength and weather resistance.

    Best Budget Rolling Tray
    Tokyo Smoke Lantern Rolling Tray

    With a design inspired by its own lantern, the Tokyo Smoke Lantern Rolling Tray is a step up from the standard rolling tray design, and is perfect for solo toking. It features a place for rolling, space for ground flower, divots to hold a pre-rolled cone for filling and storage for papers, card grinders or any other stash tools. 

    Best Rolling Tray to Light Up a Room
    Vibes x Glow Tray

    This large tray tray features six LED lights, auto party mode (that just sounds like a good time) and a six-hour battery. Plus, it includes a microsuede carrying bag — talk about bringing the party with you.

    Best Rolling Tray for The Lady in Your Life
    Valfre Trays

    It’s hard to pick just one Valfre tray, considering they’re all so pretty. This aluminum horoscope tray and this resin one, featuring compartments for a grinder and rolled joints, are a good place to start. 

    Best Swiss Army Knife Rolling Tray
    Birch Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Tray

    This spinning rolling tray has everything: lighter holes! A phone holder! Plenty of rolling areas! And, last but not least, a cupholder. Each rolling tray comes with a center dab pad and a silicone slap insert at the bottom, but consider adding on the deluxe ashtray and bowl cleaner, the dab station and the four-piece grinder for the ultimate weed station.

    Best Pop Culture Rolling Tray
    Michael Scott Paper Company Rolling Tray

    Is “The Office” your go-to stoned watch? Show your fandom with this aluminum rolling tray. You may have graduated from Netflix and chilling, but the nefarious times remain with this tray. 

    Best Rolling Tray That’s Hard to Cop
    Houseplant All-in-One Rolling Tray

    Editor's Note [4/6]: Houseplant's All-in-One Rolling Tray is out of stock. However, we recommend Edie Parker's Flower Rolling Trays, which are similarly upscale and come in four beautiful colorways.

    Usually, we suggest things you can buy right now, but it’s hard to not include this rolling tray that’s currently sold-out. It’s made by-hand (meaning no two are alike), includes an ashtray, a “really nice grinder,” and slots to hold rolling papers and tips. With its concrete composition that resembles marble, it really is unlike any rolling tray you’ve encountered before.

    Best Rolling Tray for Your Beachhouse
    Pearl ZTray

    Made from resin, this tray is perfect for recreating a dreamy, beachy stoner paradise — hot mermaids only included if you’re rolling the good stuff well. The minimalist tray features plenty of compartments for your rolling accessories, and an opening to put any remaining herb back into a grinder with ease. 

    Best Bright Rolling Tray
    Sackville & Co. Yellow Jelly Rolling Tray

    This acrylic stunner features incredibly raised edges — meaning no bud left behind — and will brighten a room with its neon yellow and pink colorways. 

    Best Rolling Tray for Your Inner Dad
    Dad Grass Rolling Tray

    Sure, you may be Just Some Guy living by himself, maybe with some pets, maybe with a partner, but the Dad vibe is timeless: Mustaches! These Nikes! Golf! Bad jokes! Show your Dad pride with this tray, perfect for a cheeky jokester like yourself. 

    Best Ceramic Rolling Tray
    Lux Eros X Leune Green Rolling Tray

    Another rolling tray on the list that doubles as home decor, this tray is handmade and features real 22 karat gold and a gorgeous emerald glaze. 

    Best Rolling Tray That Doubles as a Catchall Tray
    Studio A-OK Rolling Tray

    Can you throw your keys and other little doodads into it? Yes! Can you also throw some herb into it so you can roll a fresh one as soon as you enter your home? Yes! This stainless steel tray is perfect for both. Bonus: it’s easy to clean and features tapered edges so your flower doesn’t get stuck in any cracks. 

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