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The 14 Best Rolling Papers for Better Joints

From cheap to premium and everything in between, these rolling papers make getting high even better.

best rolling papers

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In an age where there is plenty of cannabis tech on the market, joints remain one of the cheapest ways to get stoned, with papers averaging less than $5 dollars per pack. Even high-quality papers can be acquired on the cheap. Some, however, are better than others. Here are the best and what you should know before picking the best rolling papers for you.

      Rolling Paper 101

      Material Matters

      Papers are usually made out of hemp, wood pulp or rice. Each material has different benefits. For example, stay clear of rice rolling paper if you live in the Pacific Northwest, as the damp air and moisture can make them harder to roll. Hemp papers are thicker and easier to roll and have a medium burn time, while rice paper burns the slowest.

      Thinner Is a Winner

      Thinner papers allow for a slower, more even burn, meaning you’re less likely to experience canoeing when toking. Plus, thinner paper allows for your flower’s flavor to shine, since you won’t be inhaling as much paper smoke. See if your favorite brands have an ultra-thin option, but buyer beware: they are more difficult to roll than a hemp option.

      Grab a Crutch

      While you’re out snagging papers, grab a pack of crutches as well. Crutches give the joint some stability (both when rolling and when you’re passing it around) and are easy to create.

      Don’t Be Afraid to Ball Out

      With the narrow price margin between low- and high-quality papers, sometimes it’s worth shelling out the extra dollar. Low-grade paper can lead to coughing fits, will be harder to roll and will burn faster, which is important if you don’t want to waste your good ganja.

      Buy From a Licensed Seller

      Much like designer clothes, there’s a huge market for counterfeit papers on DHGate, Wish and Ebay. Counterfeit papers are more likely to contain additives that aren’t healthy for your lungs. Additionally, they’re simply not as good as the real thing. Head to the brand’s official website for licensed resellers.

      The Best Rolling Papers of 2022

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      How to Roll the Perfect Joint
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      Roll up to the function with out-of-this world rolling skills


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