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The 10 Best Heated Blankets and Throws for Ultimate Coziness

Warm up to these heated blankets

beautyrest microlight to berber heated blanket

It’s January and I live in Pittsburgh, which means, if I’m not fighting the bitter cold, I’m fighting my landlord over the radiator, which only kicks on when it’s 40 degrees or less. Since we live in climate hell, that means a sensible 50-degree day leaves me freezing: there’s no sun to warm up my apartment (Pittsburgh has 306 cloudy days per year, per the National Center for Environmental Information) and no radiator heat. No one can empathize with my struggle since my fellow radiator-havers crack their windows from the disgusting amount of heat their radiators emit.

Which is to say: heated blankets have become a saving grace. I’m warm (Amanda happy), and they don’t use too much electricity (Amanda’s wallet happy). I’m an empath, which means I know you need a heated blanket, probably. Here are 10 really great heated blankets to heat up your winter.

    Heated Blankets 101

    Check for UL Certification

    Give yourself some peace of mind when buying your heated blanket. Underwriters Laboratories (UL), an independent safety testing organization, will give their seal of approval in the form of a UL Certification. This certification proves that UL has tested the product and has deemed it safe for use. Most name brands currently on the market are UL certified.

    Read the Washing Instructions

    Most blankets are machine washable, but not machine dry-able. Check out the instructions so you don’t fry your blanket. Don’t burn your money in the dryer.

    Your Pet Will Love It

    While doing research for this story, I came across many reviews that said, “my dog loves this blanket.” If you don’t want a fuzzy friend to commandeer your blanket, maybe consider a separate blanket for your pet.

    The Best Heated Blankets of 2022

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    Best Overall Heated Blanket
    L.L. Bean Wicked Cozy Heated Blanket

    • Long-lasting quality
    • Five heat settings
    • Feels like a weighted blanket

    • Cord may be too short

    You know L.L. Bean as the manufacturer of your childhood backpack and your Bean Boots, but, between its moccasins, shirts and socks, Mr. Leon Leonwood Bean knows how to make a cozy thing. The company’s Wicked Cozy Heated Blanket is no exception, with five heat settings, soft PrimaLush fabric and a special insulating layer that reflects warmth back to your body. Despite ending its lifetime warranty policy in 2018, you can return products up to one year after purchase, with a special exception made for items that are defective due to materials or craftsmanship. “While I'm not sure why anyone would need a king-sized heated blanket, we appreciate the absurdity of having heated blanket [sic] to spare,” a review reads, but don’t fret: It comes in twin and full/queen sizes as well.

    Best Splurge Heated Blanket
    Warmee Smart Heated Blanket

    • Smart phone-compatible
    • Warm without being bulky
    • Machine washable

    • Expensive

    If you’re a person who controls their lighting via phone app, you’ll love the Warmee, which can be connected to your phone, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to control blanket temperature and heat time for up to 10 hours. Invisiwire technology provides warmth without bulk and despite being technologically advanced, this blanket can be thrown in a non-technologically advanced washer and dryer. If you’re looking for something for the couch, consider the Smart Heated Throw, which features the same technology in a 60-by-70 inch velvet plush, and some colors not available in the full-size heated blanket (white; white silver dot).

    Best Budget Heated Blanket
    Sunbeam Heated Blanket

    • Has built-in safety features
    • Soft to the touch

    • Complicated washing directions
    • Won't last long

    Between the price point, the soft and cozy fleece and consistent heating, it’s no surprise that this blanket currently clocks in at 4.4 stars with more than 32,000 reviews on Amazon. It’s machine washable and dryer safe, meaning you won’t have to jump through hoops to get it clean. ThermoFine technology senses the blanket temperature and adjusts to provide consistent warmth, with five heat settings to choose from. A three-hour auto shutoff provides peace of mind. Some reviews say it gives out after a year, so it might be a “I’ll buy a heated blanket, see if I like it and then splurge if I can’t live without one” purchase.

    Best Heated Blanket for Napping on the Couch
    Brookstone n-a-p Heated Plush Throw

    • Lightweight
    • Long cord

    • Some plain about weak heating
    • Complaints of quickly malfunctioning

    With a four-hour auto shut off, this throw is perfect for setting an alarm for 20 minutes and then waking up three hours later with lines and dents all over your body, feeling like you returned from another dimension — the telltale sign of a good, dope nap. A nine-foot power cord means you can lug it all over the house and nap anywhere without accidentally ripping the plug out while flopping like a fish.

    Best Heated Blanket for the Great Outdoors
    Cozee Heated Blanket

    • Has built-in charging ports
    • Battery-powered

    • Short battery life
    • Expensive

    Are you: an outdoor dude who likes being outdoors in tents; a dad who frequents many a soccer or football game; or an avid #vanlife-er? Congrats, this battery powered blanket is for you. This blanket warms up in just five minutes, gives more than five hours of continuous heat, has two USB ports for charging devices, and includes a wall and car charger. The company has an excellent origin story as well: the founders’ created the blanket to allow their daughter — who has poor circulation due to cerebral palsy and gets cold easily — enjoy outings, her favorite activity.

    Best Heated Blanket for the Bedroom
    Beautyrest Microlight to Berber Heated Blanket

    • Large number of heat settings
    • Two temperature controllers for larger sizes

    • Short cord
    • Hard to see controls in low light

    This blanket features a 10-hour auto shutoff, 20 different temperature settings, is reversible and comes with two controllers in the queen and full sizes, meaning you and your partner will each have your desired temperature. Eight color options mean there’s a shade for any decor vibe, including a rich, eggplant purple and a dreamy, modern teal.

    Best Heated Weighted Blanket
    Hammacher Schlemmer The Heated Weighted Blanket

    • Warming and comforting
    • Long cord

    • Not machine washable
    • Comes in one size

    Have you ever thought, “what if my heated blanket also gave me a gentle hug?” Congrats, we have a blanket just for you. Thirteen pounds of high-quality, non-toxic micro glass beads are stitched to evenly fill the entire blanket; four heat settings on the LED controller allow you to select temperatures ranging from 90-105 degrees. The front of the throw is soft-to-the-touch micromink with a cozy sherpa lining (read: cozy!), and features a 9-foot cord. Warning: it’s spot clean only.

    Best Heated Blanket for Snuggleheads
    Woolrich Tasha Mink/Berber Heated Throw

    • Woolrich-approved quality
    • Heat settings as opposed to specific temperatures
    • Attractive look

    • One size
    • Annoying cord

    This heated blanket features Secure Comfort Heat technology to adjust throw temperature based on overall heat, spot temperatures and the room’s temperature. It also features three heat settings (because your prerogative is to be cozy, not fumble with the temperature) and a combo of faux mink and sherpa. And it comes in two kinds of plaid, the ultimate cozy pattern.

    Best Lightweight Heated Blanket
    Pure Enrichment Purerelief Deluxe Heated Blanket

    • Auto shutoff after 10 hours
    • Machine washable
    • Dual temperature controllers for larger sizes

    • Might not be warm enough for some
    • Reviewers complain about it slipping off the bed

    If you want warmth without the heft, this UL-listed heated blanket is for you. It’s made out of micromink and automatically shuts off after 10 hours, and features a temperature range of 87 to 105 degrees, along with a sleep-friendly light mode that turns the controlled lights off after 10 seconds for a better night’s sleep.

    Best Heated Blanket for Couples
    Degrees of Comfort Dual Control Electric Blanket
    Now 33% off

    • Soft and lightweight
    • 20 heat settings

    • Slick material makes it slide around

    This blanket, which features 20 different heat settings, a 12.5 foot power cord and dual controllers, means you and your partner will be cozy and content, because blankets are not worth fighting over. And, it comes in California King-sized, meaning even the biggest beds can achieve peak warmth. With a four-star rating and 70 percent of reviews rating this blanket at five stars, you and your partner will agree that it’s a worthwhile purchase.

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