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The 11 Best Standing Desks for the Home or Office

Each has been selected for its design, ergonomics and ability to toggle between sitting and standing positions.

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When it comes to clocking time on your rear, the results are in — and rife with gloom. Prolonged sitting has been linked to an increased risk of multiple maladies, including diabetes, heart disease, anxiety, depression — even early death. If all of this sounds bleak, take heart (and a stand) in this: Spending more time on your feet can boost job performance, work engagement and mental well-being.

However, standing for long periods can take its own toll on your comfort and health, so the secret is frequently changing positions throughout the day. Fortunately, many companies now offer sit-stand desks for the office or home. Wondering which one best fits your style and needs? We’ve weeded through today’s selection to save you time and stress. Here’s our list of the best standing desks — each selected for its design, ergonomics and ability to quickly toggle between sitting and standing positions.

      What Is the Best Height for a Standing Desk?

      The optimal height to adjust your standing desk is so that the desk's surface comes up to your elbows. Your elbows should bend to 90 degrees when you're typing, so make sure your desk is at the right height for you to hit that optimal angle. The top of your computer screen should come to about eye level so you aren't slouching or craning your neck. If the right height to get your elbows to bend at 90 degrees doesn't let your computer screen hit the right level, then you'll need a way to elevate your computer screen to achieve the most ergonomic position.

      What Should I Look for in a Standing Desk?

      Height Range

      Depending on how tall you are, you'll probably want to check the height range of a standing desk before you buy it. Some standing desks don't have that much range, which could be bad for those who are either far on the shorter side or taller side.

      Electric Versus Manual

      Some standing desks use a manual hand crank for you to adjust the desk's height. Nowadays, most people prefer electric versions, which means you can change the desk's height with the push of a button. Electric desks can either have fixed pre-settings so that you can't fine-tune the desk's height, whereas others allow you to set your perfect height so you don't have to look for it every time.

      Add-On Features

      Standing desks usually come with nothing more than their tabletop and their frame. Many brands will offer add-ons, which will also add to the overall price, like extra storage or, in the case of Uplift, an under-desk hammock.


      If you already have a desk that you like, but it doesn't offer the ability to transform it into a standing desk on its own, you're not entirely out of luck. There are plenty of standing desk converters that are available to purchase, which act as a supplemental surface that can be elevated in lieu of your desk having the ability to convert itself. They're not always as pretty as standing desks, but they are typically much more affordable.

      The Best Standing Desks of 2022

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      Best Overall Standing Desk
      Fully Jarvis Standing Desk
      Best Budget Standing Desk
      Seville Classics AirLift Tempered Glass Standing Desk
      Best Stable Standing Desk
      Uplift Desk V2 Bamboo Standing Desk
      Easiest-to-Assemble Standing Desk
      Vari Electric Standing Desk
      Now 15% off
      Best Splurge Standing Desk
      Humanscale Float Table
      Best Standing Desk for Kids
      Jaswig My First StandUp Desk
      Best Customizable Standing Desk
      Flexispot Kana Bamboo Standing Desk
      Best Standing Desk for Tall People
      Branch Standing Desk
      Easiest-to-Use Standing Desk
      Steelcase Solo Sit-to-Stand Desk
      Best Compact Standing Desk
      Humanscale eFloat One
      Best Non-Electric Standing Desk
      Made by Choice Fem Work Desk
      Finnish Design Shop
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