This Week in Sports and Outdoors: September 25, 2014

This Week in Sports and Outdoors: real-life medieval battles, a folding helmet from Brooks, gyms for bigger folks and more.



Knight Club
Is the next big endurance sport dressing up like 12th century knights and fighting with actual weapons? It appears so, according to this Men’s Journal report on the Armored Combat League, a sporting event that approximates a medieval battlefield.

The Ultimate Survival Kit
Outside‘s take on the ultimate survival kit includes duct tape, kitty litter, a bivy sack, a tomahawk and a solar generator, plus 30 other things. A handy reference if you’re packing for the apocalypse.

Is Exercise Bad for Your Teeth?
It seems you just can’t win these days. Sit too much and you’re a goner. Exercise too much and your teeth will suffer — at least according to this story, citing a new study in The Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports.

Greg Lemond Washoe Shimano Ultegra
Just as road bikes are getting lighter than newborns, a steel renaissance approaches. Lemond’s Washoe is made with custom-butted Reynolds 853 steel tubing, and instead of shifters on the down-tube you’ve got a fully modern bike available in a variety of component groups, including Di2. $3,000

A Film About Yosemite’s Climbing History
Valley Uprising is being billed as one of the best rock climbing documentaries ever, and from the preview it looks to be true. The film, narrated by Peter Sarsgaard, covers Yosemite’s climbing history from the early days to today, from Royal Robbins to Alex Honnold.

A Gym for Bigger Folks
At Downsize Fitness gyms, you have to be at least 50 pounds overweight to use the gear; indeed, the equipment is all designed for heavier people. That means you can shed pounds without having shallow people judge you from their high horse (or plyo box, as it were).

A Folding Helmet from Brooks
The gentlemanly English company Brooks has partnered with Carrera (of racy sunglasses fame) for a bike helmet collection. Modeled after old-school leather “hairnet” helmets, the JB Collection incorporates textiles and leather details to re-create the look in a helmet that has fully modern fits and adjustments. Plus, it collapses down when you’re not wearing it. $216

Athos Apparel
Athos is a startup that’s just a few months away from bringing to market one of the most interesting wearables yet: compression clothing capable of monitoring how hard your muscles are working, on top of heart rate, heart rate variability and breathing patterns.
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