Nau’s Lightbeam Collection Is Designed for Transition and Sustainability

Nau’s spring 2015 line is as adaptable as you.


Nau has always been committed to finding better and more sustainable solutions to everyday problems. What you might not know is that this philosophy extends far beyond making clothes that meet the comfort and athletic needs of today’s active commuters. Specifically, the company’s partners for change program insures two percent of all sales are directed to a variety of organizations focused on creating thought leaders, improving environmental consciousness, building economies and improving human health. In other words, things that make your daily wardrobe conflicts look easy.

That doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten how hard it is to find clothes that can transition from the road to the office, and all of life in between. The new Lightbeam jacket and shirt embodies their focus on combining innovative performance materials, often made from recycled or renewable means, with a tailored, modern aesthetic. The super minimal and breathable jacket is made from a featherweight recycled poly fabric that blocks water and wind, but packs down to the size of a grapefruit when it’s no longer needed. The shirt follows the same path, combining a recycled poly soft shell with a DWR finish to create a breathable garment that moves naturally with the wearer and won’t make you look like you just won the Tour de France.

Looking for something more relaxed on the weekends? The M2 Snap Polo is a slightly more casual approach inspired by the traditional cycling jersey without the ultra sporty look. It’s also made from 100 percent traceable Merino Wool and Tencel, a sustainable fabric made from the pulp of the eucalyptus tree that’s as soft as cotton and dries quickly. It’s produced using non-toxic organic solvent solution, of which 98 percent of the materials used are recovered and reused, cementing its status as one of the most eco-friendly and renewable fabrics ever created.

So much for having to compromise when it comes to your clothes.

Buy Now: $175 (Lightbeam Jacket) $140 (Lightbeam Shirt) $98 (M2 Snap Polo)

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