This Week in Sports and Outdoors: July 23, 2015

New backpacks from Gregory, fly fishing in South Dakota, high-water kayaking in Norway and more.



Manual for Speed vs. Le Tour
For the first time, the guys at MFS are following along with the Tour as it swoops through France. Sure, they cover the riders, but they also represent a important parts of the Tour that are often overlooked stateside: the fans, the scenery and all kinds of other weird stuff.

How Fast Should You Run?
Lowering your chance of death isn’t everyone’s motivational tool for workouts. That being said, it is an indication of health benefits, and one that is quantifiable. The stat-heads run the numbers to see how fast, how far and how often you should run — or maybe you’re better off jogging.

Kayaking High Water in Norway
High water in Norway isn’t like high water everywhere else. The already difficult rapids and routes turn into rumbling swells of white that conceal and intensify huge drops. Along with a few friends who were insane enough to try to tackle them, photographer David Spiegel took to the river.

Fly Fishing’s Best-Kept Secret
Bordering the fisherman’s vacationlands of Montana and Wyoming, South Dakota is an often overlooked spot for casting out. But being overlooked means that its trout have had time to grow into hard fighting, 22-inch-long trophies. Colin Kearns describes the feeling of fishing there for the first time.

The Revenant
Hugh Glass, a real and legendary explorer, is played by Leonardo DiCaprio in what looks like a thrilling tale of wilderness, survival and violence. It comes from Alejandro G. Iñárritu, director of Birdman and Babel, so we expect there’s a more intellectual side to this heart-pumper.

New Daypacks and More from Gregory
One of the leading pack-makers, Gregory, is giving its line a huge overhaul. Their new daypacks will include Freespan, a new ventilated suspension system. Additionally, they are adding size options and updates across their line of larger packs of up to 65 liters. Be patient, though — the updates won’t hit the market until Spring 2016.

A Drinking Guide to Le Tour de France
Steep descents, crazy climbs and blistering speeds aren’t the only things worth while about the world’s most famous cycling race. It also passes through some top drawer wine country. Here’s what you should drink to immerse yourself in the French—and Belgian—experience. Read this story
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