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Adidas Tour360 4.0

Aching Arches? Walk a Mile in These Shoes.


I will admit upfront that I’m a little biased when it comes to the Adidas Golf’s line of Tour360 golf shoes. Their original model has accompanied my feet for close to 100 rounds during the last few years now; as such, they’ve become my gold standard. Recently, Adidas released the Tour360 4.0 and Gear Patrol was eager to see what was under the proverbial hood.

Let’s jump right into it, shall we?

This shoe, like a great sports cars, is built to get you lower to the ground. Sound odd? Maybe, until you think about. Adidas’s THiNTech spikes get your feet 32% lower to the ground than conventional spikes. That translates to better feel and increased stability. It’s easy to overlook this improvement on the spec sheet, but trust me, you will feel more grounded as a result. Of course preexisting technology from Adidas, such as their POWERBAND chassis and FitFOAM are back and better than ever. Also, the foot bed of the Tour360 4.0 is constructed of AdiPRENE, which provides crucial heel shock absorption. Let’s face it: the best golf spikes in the world are worthless if you can’t walk for five hours in them comfortably. Do you remember wearing golf shoes that crushed your will to live? Yeah, hard to focus on the last few holes when all you want to do it get to the car and rip them off.


Is this shoe decked out with the latest technology that golf shoes have to offer? You bet. Is that why I bought my pair a few years ago? No (and I’ll stop that annoying third-person Q&A). For most, it’s easy to get lost in the marketing jargon, the promise of innovation, and the brand’s appeal. If we at Gear Patrol have said it once, we’ve said it a million times: it’s about walking the talk. Or in this case, walking the golf course. These shoes simply feel great on my feet; whether I’m banging balls at the range or trudging up the nasty 15th hole at the Black, the Tour360 have never once failed my feet. Simply put, the Tour360 4.0 delivers.

Golf is as mental a challenge as you’ll find in life. Do yourself a favor and eliminate distractions like sore, tried feet. Like that feeling you might slip during your swing. Like feeling like you lose the feel of your base as you swing (read: soles not bending properly to allow your foot to remain in prime contact with terra firma). Leave your mind free to focus on your game.

The combination of a more athletically inspired, yet traditional design is also a big plus for us. Who wants to wear white saddle shoes anyway? Golf is a sport and the shoes you wear to play it should reflect your ethos. If you think dropping $180 on a pair of golf shoes is crazy, you might want to reconsider. This is money well spent on improving not only your game but also the quality of your golfing experience.

Click here for the Tour360 4.0 launch video.

Cost: $180

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