Editor’s Note: This post has been updated with new picks for Winter 2017/18. You can find last year’s picks on Page 2.

So you live in a cold-weather area, you ride bikes, and you don’t like being: a) lazy, b) sweaty, or c) claustrophobic on an indoor trainer. This winter, fight those dastardly elements and show Mother Nature who’s boss. Body over weather! Pride over cowardice! Bike over couch!

Additional contribution by Michael Finn, AJ Powell and Matthew Ankeny.


If it’s just a little too cold for a simple long-sleeved jersey, this is your kit. Pactimo, a company that got its start in Colorado creating custom cycling gear for Olympians and everyday die-hards, makes a wide variety of warm- and cold-weather cycling gear; its Alpine series, which hit shelves this year, is warm but not stifling. Each piece is compressive and sweat-wicking, and the outerwear has integrated reflective patches. On chilly morning rides, wear the full kit; when the sun starts shining, peel off a few layers.

Alpine Thermal RT Bib Shorts Men’s by Pactimo $140
Alpine Thermal RT Arm Warmers by Pactimo $45
Alpine Thermal RT Knee Warmers by Pactimo $50
Alpine Thermal RT Leg Warmers by Pactimo $60
Winter Sock by Pactimo $18
Crosspoint Waterproof Knit Gloves by Showers Pass $45
S-Works Prevail II Helmet by Specialized $225


The first thing you’ll notice about UK-based Ashmei is its overall aesthetic — refined, minimalist and tonal, sprinkled here and there with Ashmei’s characteristic polka dots. It’s among the best-looking cycling apparel available today. Beneath its good looks, though, Ashmei’s products are fantastically high-performance, built from the ground-up with only the finest materials and construction methods. This kit exemplifies that rare balance of form and function, and will keep you toasty warm down to 30-degrees Fahrenheit or so.

Neck Gaiter by Ashmei ~$39
Polka Merino Sock by Ashmei ~$18
Legwarmers by Ashmei ~$75
Merino Beanie by Ashmei ~$35
Armwarmers by Ashmei ~$65
Windproof Glove by Ashmei ~$53
Bib Short v.3 by Ashmei ~$276
Gilet by Ashmei ~$110
Long Sleeve Classic Jersey by Ashmei ~$139
Short Sleeve Base Layer by Ashmei ~$86
Z20 Helmet by Bell x Cadence Collection $230
Pro Team Arenberg Sunglasses by Rapha $220


Headquartered in the Swiss Alps, ASSOS is known for its stringent attention to quality control. All of its products are made in-house by a team of master designers, seamsters and passionate cyclists. Unsurprisingly, being a hard-ass about how a certain jersey or bib is made produces amazing products, evidenced clearly in ASSOS’ collection of sub-freezing cycling clothing. When the snow is falling sideways and the wind is blowing hard enough to stop school buses, this is your kit.

IJ.BONKA.6 by ASSOS $339+
Overtake MIPS by Smith $203


No one does inclement weather like the Swedes. Stockholm-based POC’s line of Fondo gear is perfect for when brisk days turn into teeth-chattering ones. The Light jersey, when paired with the Splash jacket, breathes well but still keeps you toasty-warm without overheating. The AVIP Road headband is just enough to keep your ears warm while still letting heat escape out the top of your helmet. When it’s too cold for a simple long-sleeved jersey, this is your kit.

Multi D Thermal Bib Tights by POC $280
Fondo Light Jersey by POC $130
Fondo Splash Jacket by POC $170
AVIP Road Headband by POC $20
Raceday Socks by POC $20
Aero TT Glove by POC $60
Fondo Bootie by POC $50


Another killer winter kit from a Swedish brand? Yes, please. VOID is a small brand that seamlessly blends function with minimal Scandinavian design. Aside from looking absolutely tremendous, VOID has the performance chops to back up the good looks. The winter tights have more breathable material on the backs of the knees than on the front to aid in venting an area prone to overheating. The softshell jacket provides ample warmth while staying supremely stretchy. It also features the standard three-pocket design on the back with the addition of a zip pocket.

Winter Tights by VOID $175
Solid Jersey by VOID $120
Wind Vest by VOID $110
Softshell Jacket by VOID $175
Merino Buff by VOID $25
Bike Cap by VOID $20
Sock 14 by VOID $12


When the weather goes to complete shit but you’re still dedicated to getting your miles in, reach for Pactimo’s furnace of a winter kit. The brand, which is based in Colorado, makes its Alpine RT line for frigid temps, with reflective hits to keep you safe when riding at dusk or dawn. Base layers are highly underrated in cycling, and Pactimo’s long-sleeved version is perfect for your winter cycling repertoire. It’s made from Pactimo’s proprietary Transfer-C fabric, which is woven with carbon to help move heat and moisture more efficiently.

Alpine Thermal RT Bib Tights by Pactimo $155
Long Sleeve Base Layer by Pactimo $50
Alpine Thermal RT Jersey by Pactimo $125
Cascade RT Jacket by Pactimo $175
Winter Sock by Pactimo $18
Neck Gaiter by Pactimo Learn More: Here
Alpine Thermal Glove by Pactimo $30
Alpine Thermal Cap by Pactimo Learn More: Here
Oversock by Pactimo $20