Outlier 4 Season OG Pants

Say Yes To Performance Tailoring. Say No To Road Gunk.


Made by Outlier Tailored Performance, the 4 Season OG pants are engineered for the man who loves his bike, but prefers not to channel Lance, or worse yet, blow the crotch out of his favorite jeans. We use the term engineered seriously here, as Outlier’s entire product line is carefully considered from fabric, to cut, to everyday functionality in order to provide cycling clothes that work.

The 4 Season OG’s are constructed from Schoeller Dryskin Extreme fabric made in Switzerland. This fabric relies on nanosphere technology armoring them to repel water, oil, dirt, and road gunk faster than the hot girl at the office repels your advances. The fabric has four way stretch, abrasion resistance, and it wicks perspiration. Stuff you would expect from a good pair of running tights, but comes as a welcome surprise on pants sharp enough to wear to a business meeting.


We got to take a pair for a test ride recently and were duly impressed. They did everything as advertised. The cut is flattering and functional. Even better, the look equally good with dress shoes and a button up as with Chucks and a ratty concert tee. We were amazed at how much mobility they provided with no noticeable stress on the seams (that doesn’t mean wear them to Zoomba). They do indeed repel water and other liquids with ease, but we’ll admit we didn’t try oil or road gunk, it felt wrong to intentionally defile the OG’s. Even if biking isn’t your forte, they’re equally key for the adventure known as public transportation, which as we know isn’t always the cleanest.

Author’s Note: There are also new Khaki and Winter weight version of the OG that are worth checking out.

Cost: $180

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