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Our Favorite Ski and Snowboard Socks this Winter

These socks combat the cold and will keep you comfortable on the slopes this season.


While being comfortable in ski and snowboard boots is crucial to enjoying your time on the slopes this winter, having a good pair of socks is an important part of the equation. Those socks that your grandmother knitted for you four Christmases ago may keep you warm around the house, but they are less than ideal for tackling couloirs, slashing windlips and charging the park. Sock technology has evolved leaps and bounds away from the early days of thick-knit wool. Socks now combine the breathability, warmth and moisture-wicking properties of merino wool with technical fibers that lend themselves to stretch, comfort and durability. Some new socks even include stench-killing silver fibers to help combat the rancid scent that usually wafts from your boots after a long day on the hill. On top of materials, the fit, padding and warmth are all important factors when choosing a sock, and these nine pairs offer all three with an added touch of style.


Slushy Days with No Jacket


Left to Right:
Smartwool PhD Slopestyle Ultra Light Flat Spin ($24)
Fits Sock Ultra Light Ski ($21)
Darn Tough RFL Ultra-Light ($24)


Runny Nose, Balaclava, Hot Chocolate


Left to Right:
Icebreaker Ski+ Compression Light ($45)
Point6 Wild Child Medium ($25)
Fits Medium Ski ($26)


Icicles From Your Nose, No Skin Showing for Fear of Frostbite


Left to Right:
Stance Socks Portillo ($40)
Darn Tough Function 5 Padded ($27)
EURO Socks Digits Silver Ski ($34)

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