Flowlab Flowboard Skateboards

Surf the Concrete Jungle


Snowboard season may still be a ways off, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get practice in now. The Flowlab Skateboard ($80) is the brainchild of an effort to design a board for San Francisco riders that tackles the city’s steep slopes, and it works. The fact that it can replicate the feel of snowboarding (less snow) gives it another compelling use for summertime trainers. Keep in mind: faceplants on concrete aren’t the same as snow. The unique feel is accomplished through the board’s 14 wheel setup, which gives riders the ability to lean the board up to 45° angles versus a skateboard’s typical 25° max pitch. Riding the Flowboard won’t make you the next Shawn White, but it’s a damn fine ride if you’ve got the balance to master it. Unfortunately, as cool as this is, we’re still hoping for Marty McFly’s hoverboard…

Buy Now: $80

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