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Filson Merino Wool T-Shirt

Be the Black Sheep


Wear a wool t-shirt? You’d probably rather roll yourself into a sheet of fiberglass insulation after soaking in corn syrup. For many years now, synthetic activewear have been all the rage for their warmth, ability to dry quickly and overall comfort. Synthetics tend to channel modern adventurist and climber extraordinaire, Ed Viesturs, while wool echoes, well, Sir Edmund Hillary. No more. Introducing the Filson Merino Wool T-shirt ($80). Filson uses 10.2 oz 100% Merino wool to fashion a simple but elegant base layer t-shirt, replete with side vents and a crisp Filson logo embroidered on the hem. Wool has, indeed, gone through its own revolution, emerging on the other side of the 21st century with a thoroughly modern feel, with thinner fiber Merino wool, making it much more comfortable against the skin than ordinary wool and even synthetics, as it keeps moisture within the inner fibers (away from your skin) rather than housing it between the plastic fibers (next to your skin). Studies have shown that wool is actually warmer than synthetics in cool weather and at least as comfortable in warm weather, and it actually dispels odors far better than man-made fabrics. Need one more reason to buy this shirt? It’s machine washable.

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