This Clever, Compact Cooler Just Might Be the One You Actually Need

XL-sized, bear-proof coolers that keep ice frozen for days are ubiquitous these days, but they're overkill for shorter outings.

a navy blue bucket filled with ice and bottles

Given the rise of thick-walled, grizzly-proof coolers that keep ice frozen for days on end, it's easy to forget that smaller options do exist. Besides, many of us don't need ice to stay solid for more than a few hours, and really, when was the last time you were in grizzly bear country? Colorado-based RovR does make a cooler for those times and places — it made our list of the best you can buy — but the company also offers one that's perfect for picnics and short outings called the KeepR.

RovR’s KeepR, fully stocked.

The KeepR does the same thing as a cooler, but think of it more like a mash-up between a picnic basket and an ice bucket. The KeepR has a lidded core compartment that holds ice and is surrounded by separate sections for stashing bottles, cans, snacks and whatever else you might want to keep frosty on an outing. Dry things stay dry — no soggy sandwich bread here — and everything stays cold. It's easy to fill and, thanks to its picnic- and cookout-friendly size, easy to empty, too.

Price: $149.99


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