An Ultralight Bong Is One of the Best Outdoor Gear Releases of the Week

A limited-edition water pipe has the same hallmarks as the most innovative camping and hiking gear available.

a hand holding an orange bong against a mountain backdrop
Field Mag

Ultralight. Heat-efficient. Extremely durable. For outdoor gear nerds, these are the ultimate buzzwords. They might describe a streamlined camp stove, an insulated mug made of titanium or a new down jacket. In this case, they detail an unlikely but entirely practical piece of outdoor equipment: an ultralight, travel-size, hi-viz bong.

The water pipe in question is the product of a collaboration between Dangle Supply, a small company that makes titanium pipes, and Field Mag, an online publication highlighting the intersection between design and the outdoors. The pair are only producing 50, so consider this edition limited.

The Field Mag Dangle Bong Blaze includes bowl storage in its rubber lid.
Field Mag

As for the bong itself, it is indeed ultralight (roughly 5.3 ounces), heat-efficient (it's designed for high output with minimum burn) and extremely durable (we're talking aerospace-grade titanium here). It's also only seven inches tall and 2.75 inches at its widest point, making it packable — another general outdoor gear highlight — though a D-shaped handle makes it easy to sling to the outside of a backpack, just like your favorite camp mug.

The collab pipe, which comes in a bright and seasonal hunter orange thanks to a durable powder-coat finish, comes with a few bonuses as well. One is a 50/50 hemp-cotton beanie (also orange). The other is that 10 percent of its sales will go to the Last Prisoner Project, a non-profit helmed by leaders from the cannabis industry that aims to decriminalize marijuana and free prisoners, many of whom are people of color, unfairly victimized by laws regulating the substance.

Buy Now: $170

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