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Why on Earth Should Cyclists Be Excited About a $150 Cardboard Box?

It turns out an expensive cardboard container is just what traveling cyclists have always needed.

a bike next to a big cardboard box

You'd think it were dystopian if it weren't true: With so much awesome new bike gear coming out, one of the most exciting items is a cardboard box. But not just any cardboard box; this is a reinforced container that can withstand horizontal compression forces up to 229 pounds and vertical forces up to a whopping 1,732. It might as well be a miniature shipping container. It is actually, because BikeFlights, the company that makes it, created it for cyclists who want to send their bikes around the world.

Assisting riders to move their rides long distances has been the company's business for over a decade. Shipping bikes is a trusted alternative to confusing airline rules, and BikeFlights's system simplifies the process. But the packing is on the cyclist, and it can be both complicated and expensive (good, protective bike bags can run $500 or more).

boxes and small clips and bungees

The new boxes solve both problems. Included with the cardboard are clips, axle covers, tube spacers and bungees that make packing and, more importantly, securing a bike a snap. Then there's the price — $120 (for a medium) or $150 (for a large) may seem high for packaging until you consider how reusable it is. BikeFlights designed it for multiple trips and to disassemble flat for easy storage in between. (It's earth-friendly too, as they literally just ship you the box, efficiently folded with all the packing accessories inside.)

So for cyclists who travel with their bikes infrequently, or simply lack the closet space for a big bike bag, this fancy cardboard might just be a dream.

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