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How to Get Arc'teryx's New Jacket on the Cheap

Arc'teryx wants its gear back, and it's willing to pay.

a man wearing a green insulated jacket

When you go to a dealership to buy a new car, you often trade your old one in for credit. When you buy the latest iPhone, you do the same (if you didn't smash up its screen). Perhaps these transactions seem so ordinary because cars and phones are such standard and essential parts of our lives. And yet when we talk about cashing in a jacket for store credit, then it becomes disruptive or unconventional.

In reality, though, it's just a great deal — one that Arc'teryx, along with a cadre of companies including Patagonia, Taylor Stitch and REI, has offered its loyalists for a few years now. Typically, Arc'teryx offers 20 percent in-store credit for used gear that's in good shape, with some specific exceptions. But for all of November 2020, it's upping that amount to 30 percent as part of a month-long promo leading into the holidays. That means a $259 jacket like the fan-favorite Atom LT will net roughly $78 in trade-in value.

That particular jacket is the perfect one to upgrade or upgrade into because Arc'teryx just gave it a facelift. The new Atom LT makes the same proposition as its predecessor: versatile warmth and significant breathability. The Coreloft insulation that plays such a big role in the jacket's success is unchanged. The improvements are more fine-tunings; to the fit, which is a tad longer and a bit stretchier, to the shell material, which Arc'teryx says is more durable, and to the cuffs, for improved comfort when layering.

So if you've got a stash of old Arc gear and want outerwear to match the iPhone 12 you just bought, now's the time to cash in. On the flipside, Arc'teryx repairs and resells all those used jackets, so you can always score a bargain on one of those too.


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