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This Amazing New Bike Helmet Weighs Less Than a Hamster

POC's new Ventral Lite is utterly lacking in weight.


We're still in the thick of winter here in the Northern Hemisphere, but that isn't keeping us from daydreaming about fast, fun bike rides this spring. And the Swedish design wizards at POC Sports have launched just the thing to make those rides a little faster and more fun: the new Ventral Lite helmet, which weighs in at a feathery 240 grams (for a size medium).

For those who embrace alternative measurement systems, that translates to about 8.5 ounces. For those who embrace even more alternative measurement systems, that's roughly equivalent to five brown sugar cinnamon Pop Tarts or three medium-sized oranges. It's a bit more than the Syrian hamster you might keep as a pet, but well under the weight of the rare, endangered European hamster (a.k.a. the common hamster), which weighs about a pound.

How'd POC do it? By stripping the idea of a bike helmet down to its very essence. The liner is specially shaped to accommodate a lower-density foam, the straps and clip are super streamlined and the outer PC shell is strategically abbreviated, covering only what it must.

The byproduct of all that is, of course, maximal air flow. "Riders who are focused on climbing or ride in hotter conditions are extremely conscious about weight, ventilation and comfort, which is where the Ventral Lite will excel," says POC's head of product, Oscar Huss. "It will provide the protection those riders deserve without ever noticing it’s there."

The Ventral Lite can still be adjusted for a secure fit, courtesy of a small dial at the back. It meets major safety standards as well. Truly, the only thing that isn't minimal is the cost, which is significantly higher than that of even the fanciest hamster.

Price: $275


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