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We’re Super Into These Bags — and You Should Be, Too.

Want a weatherproof backpack that doesn’t make you look like you’re heading to climb Kilimanjaro? Millican has you covered.

Let’s face it. The city-to-mountain look is great, but only if it’s backed up by serious durability and usability — two things that often elude packs, jackets and footwear that rely heavily on that marketing trope. But sometimes we’re lucky enough to stumble across companies that are executing the look (and function) perfectly — like Millican. The brand is based in Keswick, which is part of England’s Lake District and is named after the self-proclaimed “Professor of Adventure,” Millican Dalton.

Millican has a number of collections, but our favorite is the Mavericks collection. The bags are simple, constructed of durable and weatherproof Bionic Canvas and aluminum, rather than the industry standard plastic hardware. Without getting too nerdy: Bionic Canvas is a blend of 56 percent recycled polyester, 40 percent Cotton and 4 percent high-tenacity polyester. They are the perfect companion for a commute to the office or a spirited day hike. Our favorite silhouette is Smith the Roll Pack 25L, but Millican makes a bag to fit whatever you’re into — even camera gear.

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