Somnio Nada

Foot Loose


So-called minimalist running has quickly developed a following among endorphin-addicts around the world for several reasons. Practically speaking, training with less padding has been shown to increase foot strength and muscle tone. The feeling of running nearly barefoot is also a major draw. To capitalize on this movement, Somnio has created the Nada to serve as a starter kit for curious runners who want to literally test-run the trend without breaking the bank. Weighing just 3.5 oz, these feathery sneakers feature an ultra-thin six millimeter midsole for basic foot protection and a zero heel to midsole drop to keep feet in their natural position. In other words, they’re bound to make your current trainers feel like a pair of Air Jordans. A DVD created by musculoskeletal therapist and Olympic trainer Phil Wharton is also included to guide runners on how to get into the sport gradually while avoiding injury. Priced at $80 and available for purchase starting this March, they’re the next best thing to hobbit feet.

Buy Now: $80

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