We've Never Seen a Cycling Shoe Like This Futuristic New One Before

Seeking peak performance? Meet the LoreOne, the world's first 3D-printed carbon hard-shelled shoe.

lore one cycling shoe

When we first laid eyes on the LoreOne, three letters sum up the reaction: W T F? Because, wow, this thing is different. With an appearance that calls to mind, well, a very technical jelly shoe, this new, limited-edition cycling footwear is clearly the product of some majorly out-of-the-box thinking.

Digging into the details, however, we quickly realized the shoe could be a game changer for the 277 pedal-mashing people who get in on the first round of production. After all, the folks behind it are veterans of such progressive brands as Tesla, Nike, Apple, Black Diamond, Puma and DPS Skis. It has been embraced by world-class athletes like Tim O'Donnell and Colby Pearce, who consulted on its development. And the technology involved is about as innovative as it gets. So as we seek to make sense of what lies before our eyes, here are three elements that jump out.

Custom 3D-Printed Carbon Fit


Nobody’s feet are simply mirror images of each other, so why should your shoes be? That’s the question LoreOne seeks to answer with its approach to customizing the fit. First, you scan your feet using an iPhone and a proprietary app, which enables sub-millimeter levels of precision. That data then goes to the Morphic Scan+Print platform, which spits out a conveniently ventilated Carbon AirFrame exoskeleton. What’s different here, Lore says, are “structurally interlocked dorsal and plantar shells that efficiently capture lateral and rotational forces produced by the foot through normal biomechanical movement.”

Foot-to-Pedal Connection


Translation of the previous sentence: your feet will interact and engage with your pedals more deeply and powerfully than ever before. That relationship is buttressed by what lies within the exoskeleton — custom footbeds textured to boost muscle activation and plush ventilated foam that improves comfort and breathability. A sculpted toe box, footbed and heel cup integrated into the AirFrame round out the fit. Even the cleat position, oriented around your first and fifth metatarsal bones, is optimized for precision power transfer.

Peak Performance

Thomas Woodson

What’s it all add up to? From what we hear, significant gains over traditional road shoes, including less power loww on the backside of the pedal stroke, a critical factor when rapid acceleration is required, as when sprinting or coming out of a corner. Because the top of the shoe is carbon-reinforced, you don’t lose any energy at the traditional ‘dead spots’ of 6 and 12 o’clock while pedaling. The upshot of all this efficiency, of course, is what every cyclist craves: the ability to ride faster and longer, with less fatigue.

Of course, all this innovation doesn’t come cheap or easy. Lore is currently taking pre-orders, with printing and fulfillment beginning this fall. The first 277 early adopters get the Founder’s Kit, which includes the shoe, three booties, a commemorative pennant, travel bag and cap. Oh and if you are stressing about parting with nearly two grand to upgrade your cycling shoes, relax: there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Price: $1,900


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