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The Best New Knives and EDC of August 2021

Two brand-new tools that maximize limited space, a meme-worthy Olympic face mask and more.

best new knives and edc aug

Apologies in advance for some terrible wordplay, but variety is the spice of knife. That's one of the first thoughts that came to mind whilst surveying some of the latest releases in the knife and EDC world.

No, really. Because as we enter the last full month of summer, we present a true gamut of products with at least some connection to the topic at hand. Yes, there are some classic categories: a multi-tool, a bushcraft fixed-blade and a folder, but we've also got a notebook, a face mask and, yeah, an ax.

Note: Unless you live in a cabin, we probably wouldn't recommend toting the ax every day. But hey, you do you.

Editor's note: This story has just been updated to include a couple brand-new gadgets, the ones at the top of the list.

Nite Ize DoohicKey Ratchet Tool

tech roundup

No bigger than a standard bottle opener, the DoohicKey boasts a host of handy tools: ratchet with two flat bits and two Phillips bits, ruler, wrenches, pry tool, scoring point and carabiner clip. A built-in advantage of the small size is that it can easily access and twist screws in tight or odd spaces. Oh yeah, there's a bottle opener too.

Price: $14.99


Victorinox Mini Tool FireAnt Set

tech roundup

Perhaps it's no surprise that a brand famous for packing in functions would figure out a way to integrate one into the standard corkscrew. That's exactly what this kit does. Just twist one of the glow-in-the-dark fire steels and waterproof helix tinders into your knife and you'll have the essential elements needed to stoke up a fire at your fingertips.

Price: $35


Victorinox Swiss Champ Damast Limited Edition 2021

victorinox swiss champ damast limited edition 2021

From the looks of it, Victorinox spared no expense bringing its latest release to life. Limited to 6,000 pieces, this multi-tool boasts formidable Damast steel and forged carbon scales. The swirling two-toned main blade is finished with a Bjorkman's Twist to ensure it's one of a kind, and functions — 29 of them, to be exact — follow the fine form.

Price: $400


Morakniv Garberg Stainless Bushcraft Knife with Survival Kit

morakniv garberg stainless bushcraft knife with survival kit
Industrial Revolution

To be fair, this 9-inch full-tang knife with a 4.3-inch stainless steel blade is not itself new. But packaging it with a sweet survival kit sure is. The sheath here integrates a fire starter and a diamond sharpener, two elements that add utility and extend the lifespan, ensuring this set will be worth carrying into the backcountry for years to come.

Price: $109.99


SOG Seal XR Serrated

sog seal xr serrated knife
SOG Knives

Having recently declared our admiration for tanto blades, we can't help but be stoked to see the SOG Seal receive a tweak in the form of a serrated edge. The substantial 3.9-inch blade always could deploy and retract with one hand (quite smoothly), but this update enables you to use it for sawing tasks as well as poking and cutting ones.

Price: $188.95


Hults Bruk The Agdor Splitting Axe

hults bruk the agdor splitting axe

This recent release from Sweden's oldest axe maker features hand-forged Swedish steel, American hickory wood and a leather sheath. With a 20-inch handle and a 2-pound axe head, it's perfectly sized and weighted for chopping firewood and kindling around the campsite. So perhaps it's more of an EDCC: everyday camp carry.

Price: $124


Field Notes Trailhead Edition

field notes trailhead edition
Field Notes

Take a break from glowing screens with a walk in the woods, then document it with this limited-edition three-pack. Each 48-page booklet features a durable linen cover festooned with one of America's Big Three hiking trails — The Pacific Crest, Continental Divide, and Appalachian — plus a flyleaf packed with trail facts and tips.

Price: $12.95


Nike Venturer Performance Face Mask

nike venturer performance face mask

The origami-inspired, airflow-friendly pleats of this $60 mesh mask drew viral comparisons to Batman's Bane as it popped up on the faces of Olympians all over Tokyo. It's athlete-friendly — courtesy of a lightweight 3D shape, adjustable nose cushion and chin insert that keep it in place during movement — and coming soon to nike.com.


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