This Gear is Built for Breathability in the Hottest and Most Humid Conditions

If you’re gearing up for fall, Goldwin’s PERTEX®SHIELDAIR could be just what you need.

man wearing goldwin red jacket

Goldwin's legacy as a premiere outerwear and gear supplier is practically unmatched. Its latest innovations incorporate PERTEX®SHIELDAIR: A uniquely breathable waterproof and windproof membrane backed by a nanofiber structure. The result is peak moisture-wicking performance even under stressful or high-intensity conditions. In other words, the fabric ensures you stay dry when the weather takes a turn while preventing the sweaty, sticky feeling that might build up inside the garment during or after activity. Goldwin has incorporated this new fabric technology into two key items: the Fast Shell Light Jacket, and the Fast Shell Pocketable Pants. As expected, both items take advantage of PERTEX®SHIELDAIR fabric, so they are ready for just about any conditions you'll put them in. Needless to say, you (and your Goldwin gear) can breathe easy.

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