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Puma Faas 300

Step towards natural running


Despite the “less is more” trend in running shoes, it can be tough for a runner to make the drastic transition if they’re accustomed to full support runners. Going the bio-mechanically correct barefoot approach is a step far easier said than done. And for just that, Puma has developed a running shoe. Recently, we reviewed the Faas 500, but for this round we’ve shifted to an even lighter weight option the Puma Faas 300 ($85). Focusing on tempo, the Faas design is inspired by the rhythm of Jamaica — a place the world’s fastest man just happens to calls home. Puma’s BioRide Technology offers runners a more natural running rhythm with enhanced speed while EverRide and EverTrack outsole tech adds cushioning and provides durability. Further enhancement comes from the molded KMSsockliner, which sculpts to your foot for that au natural feeling.

After two weeks with the Faas 300, we can attest that they are indeed lightweight and durable enough to stand up to some punishment — even putting them through punishing circuit and interval training sessions. The shoe is incredibly soft and supportive despite the absence of material and makes you realize just how much extra weight your feet have been carrying around. The hardcore runner may prefer the still lighter Faas 250, but anyone looking to start the barefoot transition should give the Faas 300 a serious look.

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