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You Can Now Buy Technical Sweaters From Canada Goose, If You Can Afford Them

Ultra-fine merino, made for the adventure-minded urbanite.


Despite its roots in utility and adventure, Canada Goose is a luxury brand. While, yes, the Toronto brand’s jackets have been worn by scientists working in Antarctica, and Laurie Skreslet donned a custom parka when he became the first Canadian to reach the top of Everest, you’re more likely to see the iconic red, white and blue logo in downtown Manhattan than in the world’s biggest adventure capitals. Yes, the Goose has become a status symbol, and its wares have the price tag (often soaring over $1,000) to match.

But luxury or not, an outerwear brand doesn’t succeed on reputation alone. Canada Goose was an early pioneer in down garment development and designs every piece with technical performance in mind. The brand’s latest innovation is, surprisingly, a step away from the goose-sourced down feathers it’s known for and one toward another animal: sheep. Each piece in its latest line of knitwear is designed with ultra-fine merino wool as a foundation for features both technical — thermal mapping and down integration, for example — and stylish. But the greater emphasis is, arguably, on the latter — which shouldn’t matter all that much to the company’s loyal urban following.

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