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I Stopped Carrying Other Pocket Knives, All Because of This One

I really can’t get enough of WESN's Allman EDC blade.

wesn allman knife

I never thought of myself as a “knife guy.” Sure, I own dozens — so many, in fact, that I had to get a storage box to keep them all organized and at the ready. But I never really felt like I fit the archetype. I like camping, but I’m not a hardcore survivalist. The closest I’ve been to a battlefield is playing Call of Duty on my couch. I’m not a hunter, nor do I partake in martial arts training. I’m just… a guy.

For me, carrying a knife was always a practical decision that I mostly kept to myself. Then, I got my hands on the WESN Allman — and everything changed.

That’s not entirely true. I didn’t upend my life to follow in Bear Grylls’s footsteps, enlist in the USMC or get my hunting license and go on a big game safari. But I did find myself enthusiastically and openly leaning into the world of everyday carry (or EDC, for short). Suddenly, I was eager to take the knife out of my pocket — not just to apply it to various cutting tasks, but also to show it off and talk about how much I appreciate and enjoy it.

What exactly it is about the WESN Allman that caused such a drastic shift in my attitude toward pocket knives is somewhat hard to pin down. It's not one defining factor, but rather the complete, holistic experience of carrying, using, beholding and enjoying it.

wesn one pocketknife
Sean Tirman

Available in a number of different material combinations and colorways, the version of the Allman I got my hands on was the blacked-out titanium edition, which comes with a Sandvik S35vn steel blade, grade 5 titanium scales and a sturdy frame lock. (For reference, it’s also available in a few other packages, including those with G10 handle scales.) And while these specs grant it solid durability and reliability, the materials aren’t particularly out of the ordinary; for reference, the Gerber Fastball and Benchmade Bugout I also have are comparably constructed.

Where the Allman really starts to stand apart, however, is in its appearance and how it feels in the hand — both in action and when inert. The handle is deceptively ergonomic; its gently curving silhouette, minimalist styling, ever-so-slightly-faceted handle scales and low-profile pocket clip look simple, but fit my grip perfectly — almost like they were made for my hands. Furthermore, the flipper and jimping on the spine combine beautifully to offer excellent grip security, especially while cutting.

wesn one pocketknife
Sean Tirman

And that brings me to my favorite detail: the shape of the blade. Unlike most of my knives, the Allman doesn’t come to a sharp, piercing point — instead, offering a stocky, curved belly unlike most every full-sized EDC knife I’ve come across. In practice, this makes using it a truly satisfying joy. It just feels good, to the point that I find reasons to use it even when I probably don’t need to.

And I don’t miss having access to a sharp point for two reasons. First, the Allman does have an ever-so-slight point that works just as well as my other knives at starting a cut. Second, straightforward stabbing just isn’t as practical a use as one might think for an everyday carry knife. In fact, I’m struggling to come up with any genuinely good reason in daily life to stab something at all.

All told, this has culminated in a knife I enjoy carrying and using so much, I often have to remind myself that I have a collection of over 25 other knives. In short, I can say that the Allman is my favorite EDC knife — and it has been for the last two years since I first got ahold of it. Should you have the opportunity to pick one up, I highly suggest you jump at the chance. It might just become your favorite, as well.

The Allman Titanium Pocket Knife

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