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The Best New Knives and EDC of April 2022

Open your mind to adventure-ready blades, a super-packable towel and an upgrade to the world's greatest camp utensil.

bng knives edc april 2022 böker plus zenshin pocket knife, the james brand natural selection kit, and matador nanodry packable shower towel

There was a time when the definition of "knives and EDC" seemed pretty dang narrow. If your daily carry didn't pack a sharp blade, an integrated screwdriver or a bottle opener, good luck.

But hey it's 2022, baby. A new era, and one where we need not feel so confined by silly labels.

So while this latest roundup of quality goods carries some hallmarks of the category — folding knives and multitools and such — we also break free with campsite culinary equipment, a smart butane lighter insert and, yes, even a packable towel. The way we see it, it's all in the name of helping you kit out with the best daily gear available. In other words: don't hate, appreciate.

Böker Plus Zenshin Pocket Knife

böker plus zenshin pocket knife

A riff on the iconic Japanese Higonokami friction folder, this Böker knife takes the styling of the classic blade and elevates it into modernity with an integrated frame lock, a 440C steel blade and stainless steel handle scales. There's also a brass-handled version with a slipljoint mechanism if you prefer more traditional builds.

Price: $54.95


Benchmade 317-1 Weekender Multi-Tool Knife

benchmade 317 1 weekender multi tool knife

Though typically trading in thoroughly modern knives, Benchmade took a page out of history with its upcoming Weekender multi-tool knife. Like Case's Stockman, the Weekender has a 2.97-inch, S30V clip point blade opposite a 1.97-inch, S30V drop point blade. As a bonus, it also has a bottle opener that, along with its Micarta handle scales, makes for a unique old-meets-new adventure-ready knife. You can't pick it up just yet, but you can sign up to be notified once it's released.

Price: $250


The James Brand Natural Selection Kit

the james brand natural selection kit
The James Brand

Designed to meet the needs of athletes and adventurers on Backcountry's Natural Selection Tour, this EDC trio includes The James Brand's newest outdoor folder, The Redstone, alongside a Mehlville keychain carabiner and Cache River bit driver — all done up in matching blacked-out, tour-branded colorways. Each piece is as useful, durable and beautiful as the next and can help fill those gaps in your existing EDC.

Price: $223.95


Sea to Summit Camp Kitchen Tool Kit

sea to summit camp kitchen tool kit
Sea to Summit

This 10-piece kit hangs conveniently and packs all kinds of stuff you need to both prepare and tidy up after a campfire feast. We're talking leakproof bottles for cooking oils and condiments, folding spatula and serving spoon and handy cleaning supplies like a pot scrubber, washcloth and dishcloth.

Price: $39.95


Gerber Devour Titanium

gerber devour titanium

Gerber's mastery of campsite cutlery is no secret: the brand makes loads of clever, space-saving stuff that goes far beyond the spork. The Devour snaps together nine key tools — including can and bottle openers, flathead drivers and your classic spork utensils — and this new titanium iteration weighs no more than an ounce.

Price: $25


Zippo Yellow Flame Butane Lighter Insert

zippo yellow flame butane lighter insert

Why spring for this new type of insert? Simple: It's compatible with any classic Zippo lighter case while boasting a couple of advantages. Not only does the directional, odorless flame burn cleaner, but it also requires fewer refills. While your classic single torch butane insert delivers 100 lights per refill, mellow yellow over here is good for 125.

Price: $19.95


Matador NanoDry Packable Shower Towel

nanodry packable shower towel

Capitalizing further on what Matador does best — unbelievably collapsible gear — the brand has hit it out of the park again with the NanoDry Packable Shower Towel. This towel takes up about as much space as a wallet right until you need it, at which point it opens into a full-sized, quick-drying, absorbent towel. If it's still too big, however, they also made an even smaller version.

Price: $34.99


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