April, Oddly, Is the Best Time to Buy a Ski Pass. Here's Why

Mega-pass brands offer big incentives to buy sooner — meaning this week — rather than later.

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So it’s mid-April, which means that unless you live in or near a ski town where the lifts are still spinning, hitting the slopes is probably the last thing on your mind. We get it. But it’s also worth noting that if you want to score some great ski pass deals for next season, the time to act is… now. Right now, even.

That’s because the big brands offering mega-passes covering dozens of resorts — namely Ikon and Epic — start selling next season’s passes in the spring. And they offer big incentives to shop early — by April 21st, specifically — before the best prices and benefits start to disappear.

We probably don’t need to tell you that these passes are by far the best option for anyone planning to sk’ride — our favorite catchall term covering skiers and snowboarders — for more than a weekend or two. Spending in the neighborhood of a grand may seem like a lot, until you consider that purchasing a one-day lift ticket, even online, costs a pretty penny. If you wanted to ski this Saturday at Utah’s Solitude, for example, you’re looking at $99 for one adult ticket. At Colorado’s Breckenridge, it’s $169. And that’s for spring skiing.

With 4-day packages starting at $347 and all-inclusive passes covering up to 245 ski days topping out at $1,047 (right now), these bundles pay for themselves after just a few snow sojourns.

Probably the best case for buying sooner rather than later is Ikon Pass. The lowest pricing is available now, before it starts to jump up — as much as $100 for the higher-level passes — after this Thursday, April 21st. Renewal discounts and child pass savings also end on that date. Epic Pass, meanwhile, includes 10 buddy tickets — allowing friends and family to purchase additional lift tickets at the highest possible discount — with certain passes if you commit by, you guessed it, April 21st.

One more incentive: snagging a pass early can actually give you access to late-season action this year. Ten of Ikon’s resorts let you shred now on next season’s pass, everywhere from California’s Palisades Tahoe to Vermont’s Sugarbush.

Suffice it to say, serious skiers and snowboarders should consider planning ahead. The logic applies even if you do other high-risk sports like mountain biking and are concerned an injury — or some other unforeseen event, like COVID-based resort closures — might prevent you from getting out next year. Both Ikon and Epic offer coverage plans that refund your money or defer the pass to the following season, when you can hopefully sk’ride again.

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