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Is This New Gravel Bike Worth Its Insanely Expensive Price?

If you like the look of the Mosaic GT2-X Radavist Special Edition Gravel Bike, you'd better act fast: only 8 were ever made.

mosaic gt2 x radavist special edition gravel bike

Have you ever found yourself inspired by the charm and aptitude of a vintage Toyota Land Cruiser, but wishing you could translate that iconic look and feel to a bike? Dream no longer: the good folks at The Pro's Closet and John Watson from The Radavist teamed up on a special-edition bike that will blow your crew socks off: the Mosaic GT2-X Radavist Special Edition Gravel Bike.

What sets this bike apart from the proverbial pack? The design, for one: Both Watson, the founder of The Radavist, and TPC's founder Nick Martin have an affinity for vintage Toyota Land Cruisers, with their minimalist metal interiors, solid axles, commanding stance and of course, iconic colorways, including Dune Beige, Desert Tane and Nebula Green, among others. Their collaboration bike translates function- and form-combining cues from Land Cruisers into a gorgeous two-wheeler that's snappy and responsive — and can tour with the best of them.

But looks aren't everything, right? What else makes this gravel bike unique? The short answer would be the price — at just under nine grand, the Mosaic GT2-X Radavist Special Edition Gravel Bike is slightly more than expensive. Justifications for the hefty price tag come in the form of a premium build and custom components, including the handmade steel fork, extra-wide titanium Doom flat bars, a compliant titanium Mosaic seat post, Shimano Deore XT mechanical drivetrain, user-friendly 1x drivetrain, Shimano Deore XT disc brakes, Industry Nine Trail 270 wheels, 32h alloy rims and the included custom Rogue Panda framebag.

      Another surprising touch is the choice of materials: you won't find any carbon fiber on this ride. While the lightweight material might flex and "smooth out" your ride, the Mosaic's makers believe it just doesn't hold a candle to steel or titanium when you're looking for long-term comfort on the trail.

      The Mosaic GT2-X Radavist Special Edition Gravel Bike is available up to a 58cm frame size, but if you want one, there's a catch: only eight were ever made. For those looking to stand (or ride) out of the crowd, the Mosaic GT2-X Radavist Special Edition Gravel Bike is the quiver killer that will turn heads, and give you one hell of a ride — but you'd better act fast if you want one.

      Mosaic GT2-X Radavist Special Edition Gravel Bike - 2022, 58cm
      Mosaic theproscloset.com

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