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The Best Cycling Bibs for Men and Women

If you want to go fast and look good, there's no cycling uniform that will beat the bib.

three cycling bibs

The first bicycle was invented in 1817, by German Inventor Karl von Drais. In the ensuing 204 years since man was first propelled by two wheels and a dream, there have been many advancements in the world of cycling, chief among them, the invention of the cycling bib.

Anyone who has ridden a bike knows the sting of injustice that is your compressive bike shorts rolling down whilst riding, exposing your midriff and your bruised dignity. Bike shorts require constant adjustment; however comfortable they are off the bike, in our minds, bike shorts should be left in the 80s where they belong. In 2022, it's all about bibs.

Why are cycling bibs superior to bike shorts?

Bibs are built in a very similar fashion to bike shorts — they make use of compressive, moisture-wicking fabric and a padded groin — with one very critical upgrade: straps, which anchor the clothing and prevent slippage, bunching and general discomfort. Prized by cycling enthusiasts at first, bibs have entered the mainstream conversation, one chamois at a time. These days, bibs are built for aerodynamic riding and speed, and prevent chafing and friction points that riding shorts or baggier clothes would cause. There are two major complaints associated with bibs: they're hard to take off (which make pee breaks more complicated) and they're... revealing. But, showing off a little and more strategically-planned pee breaks are small prices to pay for the speed, comfort and versatility that bibs provide. Below, we break down our favorites.

How We Tested

collage of three people in cycling bibs with bikes
We put these bibs through their paces, in a variety of climates and terrain.
Gear Patrol Staff

To accurately test a bib, long hours are required in the saddle — you've got to get to know your bib, after all. We wanted to see how our picks see performed under pressure, in hot and cold climates and on rides from the middle of the city to the middle of nowhere. As we were testing, we paid attention to fit, fabric and functionality. How many pockets did a bib have, if any? What did the fabric feel like against our skin after five hours of riding? Did the chamois stand up to long days in the saddle? After testing a wide selection of bibs, these were deemed the best in the bunch.

Mission Workshop Mission Pro Bib

Best Overall Cycling Bibs
Mission Workshop Pro Bib

  • The cut and color stand out in a sea of neutral colored bibs
  • Chamois is soft and supportive without being too squishy

  • Straps were a little on the thin side - hard to get on

If you're looking for an everyday bib that can do it all, and look incredible doing, Mission Workshop should be your number one pick. Our tested wore this bib on road rides to town, as well as a four-day bikepacking trip, and was struck by their all-day comfort and style. The Mission Pro Bib's number one feature in his book has to be its side thigh pockets — these were especially clutch during long days in the saddle on his bikepacking trip, where access to jersey pockets was cut off by his pack. These bibs are the most comfortable of any our tester tried, and had a less restrictive feel, with softer padding that lended itself to comfort on the bike, as well as off. His one complaint with the Mission Pro Bib is in regards to its straps: he felt they were a tad too unsubstantial, and they tangled easily when taking the bibs on and off. Our tester was impressed by the overall comfort of Mission Workshop's bibs, and sans the straps, consider them the ideal pair for any kind of riding. Plus, they look cool as hell, which is always a bonus.

  • Weight: 9 ounces
  • Materials: Quattro body fabric, Dyneema side panels, elastic interface chamois

    MAAP Pro Bib 2.0

    Best Splurge Bib
    MAAP Pro Bib 2.0

    • Fabric is buttery soft, without the plasticky feeling of other bibs

    • Stiffer padding isn't as comfortable off-bike

    Race days require equipment and apparel that is so good, you don't need to give it a second thought. MAAP's Pro Bib 2.0 fit like a damn glove: once I got them on, I didn't have to re-adjust, once. The style is sporty, and the fit and feel are as well. I noticed right away that the chamois padding was stiffer and more supportive than other bibs — MAAP uses proprietary 3D Thermo Moulded 3 layer density chamois (OEKO-TEX certified) to pad its bibs, and the difference is immediately noticeable once you've got them on.

    The elimination of inner leg seams added to overall comfort, and I was impressed by the super soft, 4-way stretch fabric: I expected an anti-pilling, abrasion- resistant construction to be stiff, even crinkly, but MAAP proved me wrong with its ultra-luxe, compression fabric. If you're looking for a race-day bib that is reliable, performance-oriented and lightweight, this is my top pick.

    • Weight: 7.41 ounces
    • Materials: Polyamide, Lycra

      Giro Chrono Expert Bib Short

      Best Budget Bibs
      Giro Chrono Expert Bib Short
      Giro competitivecyclist.com

      • If you're into sustainability, responsible materials provide peace of mind

      • Lack of features makes these less exciting than competitors

      If you need a pair of bibs to wear day in and day out across a wide variety of ride types, the Giro Chrono Expert is the bib for you. They are simple and look great, but are also made entirely of recycled material, so you can feel good about wearing them into the ground and buying another pair.Our tester likes wearing them because the material really moves with the body, and has just the right amount of compression to be comfortable all day while still feeling like you’re getting a heavy helping of performance from them. The chamois is plush and made to fit extremely well with the design of the shorts. It’s easy to see that the team at Giro left nothing on the table.

      • Weight: 6.2 ounces
      • Materials: Recycled nylon and recycled elastane face; Nylon and elastane mesh

        Machines for Freedom Endurance Bib 2.0

        Most Stylish Women's Cycling Bib
        Machines for Freedom Endurance 2.0 Bib Short

        • Design details like mid-body mesh also provide comfort on long rides

        • Sizing is way off — runs small, so size up

        Machines for Freedom positions itself as a women's bike apparel brand that sits at the "intersection of athleticism and femininity", and after testing its Endurance Bib 2.0, our tester was left with the same impression. MFF creates size and shape inclusive bike apparel for women, but doesn't sacrifice style in the process. Our tester wanted to come right out of the gate with what she didn't like about the bibs: they run very small. She has a small frame and typically swims in her gear rather than has to shimmy into it, but she had to jump a full size down in MFF's bibs to even pull them on — however, once they're on, the fit is as comfortable and flattering as any bib she owns from more established brands.

        Our tester loved the Endurance Bib 2.0 for its ability to turn a technical feature into a contemporary style moment: the pinhole mesh placed on the mid-body of the bib enhances airflow and adds serious style points. The straps are super stretchy and wide enough that they didn't dig into her shoulders after 5-6 hours in the saddle, and the compressive fabric wicked moisture away as she climbed hills. She'd love to see some thigh pockets on this style, but she was able to get away without them thanks to the back pockets on her favorite jersey.

        If you're a female cyclist that prioritizes style right alongside performance, these bibs are for you. Just remember to size up.

        • Weight: 6.88 ounces
        • Materials: 60% polyamide, 23% polyester, 17% elastane

          Pearl Izumi Expedition PRO Bib Short

          Best Blend of Comfort and Utility
          Pearl Izumi Expedition PRO Bib Short

          • Utility-driven and style-forward
          • Silky-soft material is easy to get on and off

          • Hard to knock, but you could get two cheaper bibs for the price of this one

          Testing this bib on multiple long rides over tarmac and gravel (including SBT GRVL), our tester has been wowed by the seamless combo of comfort and utility. On the comfort side, PI’s triple-density Levitate PRO Chamois pad is uber-cushy, the nylon/polyester/elastane blend fabric is buttery and the laser-cut straps spare your skin. On the utility side, the discreet thigh pockets and three-way access rear pouch help keep phones, snacks and other essentials within quick reach, a drop-tail eases the answering of nature’s call and a water-shedding treatment wards off (light) rain. This bib is certainly not cheap, but the Flanders-ski-suit-like breeziness it brings to every ride is tough to put a price on.

          The Expedition Pro Bib Short also comes in a women's version, available here, which our editors are equally obsessed with.

          • Weight: 7 ounces
          • Materials: Recycled nylon, polyester, elastane

            Pas Normal Studios Men's Essential Bibs

            Best for Long Days in the Saddle
            Pas Normal Studios Essential Bib Shorts

            • Seamless feel made these easy to wear for long days

            • Price is high for lack of features

            Style in Copenhagen is defined by classic, simple silhouettes designed with a combination of utilitarian features and high-quality materials. Basically, stuff you can wear every day. When it comes to the cycling world, Copenhagen-based Pas Normal Studios makes some of the most sleek, innovative gear you’ll find. The brand uses muted earth tones and simple branding to make bike gear that just looks good. Best thing is? It performs, too.

            Our tester wore the Essential bibs and immediately fell in love. The chamois is one of the most comfortable he's ridden with in a while — he barely noticed it even after hours on the bike. The shorts are the perfect length and provide just enough compression. The straps are breathable and the bibs never left him feeling overheated, even while training in the heat of summer.

            • Weight: 7.05 ounces
            • Materials: Polyester, elastane

              Rapha Pro Team Training Bib Short

              Best for Intense Training Rides
              Rapha Pro Team Training Bib Short

              • Handmade feel comes through in durability and fit

              • Too tight to wear for longer training rides

              Sure, you could spend $300 on the Rapha Pro Team bibs you see gracing the EF-Education First — Easy Post cycling team in the Grand Tours, but you don’t need to. Just get the Pro Team Training bibs. They feature just about everything you find with the Pro Team bibs but come in at a much more affordable price point.

              Our tester loves wearing these bibs for hard, high-tempo rides, as they are some of the more compressive shorts he has. You really feel elite when you wear them, thanks to their full coverage, tight compression and cushy chamois. They are, however, not as ideal for long days in the saddle, so he'd only reach for these on rides under three hours.

              • Weight: 6.58 ounces
              • Materials: Recycled nylon, elastane

                POC Womens Ultimate VPDS Bib Shorts

                Best Functional Features
                POC Ultimate VPDS Bib Short

                • Women's-specific chamois increases comfort

                • Single front strap takes some getting used to

                POC is well-known in the cycling world for making high-quality, reliable apparel and hard goods that improve ride comfort and safety, without breaking the bank. Its Ultimate VPDS bibs are no exception: a women's-specific chamois, updated with a softer and more open foam, increases comfort on and off the bike. The unique strap design of this bib, which features a single front strap, minimizes movement and allowed our tester to concentrate on the ride, not their 'fit. The Ultimate VPDS Bib Shorts run a little on the smaller side, according to reviews, but she didn't notice a sizing discrepancy in hers. In fact, she thought these were some of the most comfortable, functional bibs she tested. Stretchy, flexible and aerodynamic, these bibs have earned a permanent spot in her biking arsenal.

                • Weight: 6.7 ounces
                • Materials: Main fabric: 59% Polyester 41% Elastane; Suspenders: 73% Polyamide 27% Elastane

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