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The James Brand Collaborates With Blackwing on This Cool New Pencil Set

There are some everyday carry items that will always be better analog. That's what The James Brand is betting on, anyway.

the james brand x blackwing

Using the Notes app on your iPhone is a little bit like shouting into the void: you open the white-lined screen, reminiscent of a piece of paper and jot down a quick thought, idea or appointment — and then never look at it again.

For all the convenience that digital offers, there's an opposite and compelling argument that it actually robs us of productivity, memory and thoughtfulness; if every passing thought becomes worthy of a digital note, how do you differentiate what's meaningful and what's not? The ephemeral quality of digital communication and organization gives everything it touches a game-like, artificial feeling.

Well, if you're tired of taking a digital note, The James Brand and Blackwing have teamed up to offer an analog solution: their brand-new Pencil Set.

The humble writing apparatus is getting a 21st Century revamp in line with The James Brand's pared-back aesthetic ethos and Blackwing's decades-long history of creating precise instruments of creativity. Used by the likes of John Steinbeck and Looney Tunes creator Chuck Jones, Blackwing has long been the tool of choice for creatives and creators.

the james brand x blackwing
Featuring 12 pencils in three TJB colors, The Pencil Set comes complete with Blackwing’s replaceable eraser.
The James Brand

This new limited-edition box set release includes 12 pencils in three different colors, all featuring the The James Brand's color palette and the trademark replaceable Blackwing eraser. Blackwing traditionally uses California Incense-Cedar and Japanese graphite to deliver a smooth writing and sketching experience, and this collab sees pearl graphite make an appearance; according to the brand, it offers a balanced feel and delivers on the Blackwing promise of "half the pressure, twice the speed."

Outdoor enthusiasts typically find thrill in the remote and tactile; thru hiking without cell service, spending the day fishing on the lake or overlanding through the dry and unforgiving desert. The James Brand's new Pencil Set will be just as at home off-grid as on your desk; for those who balance a 9-to-5 desk job with the great outdoors, finding items that work in both worlds is a win, and this new set from TJB is no exception.

If you're looking for a thoughtful holiday gift that will stand out amongst the sea of screens and digitized items, this limited-edition set is sure to please.

James° × Blackwing: The Pencil Set

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