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Down with the Bulky Winter Boot

What Makes the Vasque Talus WT NTX Worth Talking About — by Gear Patrol Studios.

vasque talus wt ntx sneaker

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Comfortable functional shoes are make or break for outdoor adventures and everyday errands. This is even more true in the winter when an errant piece of ice can easily ruin your whole day.

The Vasque WT NTX is a capable outdoor boot designed to take on the specific challenges of winter that wouldn't be out of place in your daily wardrobe. It’s a shoe that will keep your feet dry, warm and comfortable, what more could you want?

vasque vasque talus wt ntx sneaker

The Backstory

These Boots are Made for Hiking

Vasque is a legacy brand when it comes to outdoor footwear. Their founder William Sweasy was part of the original hiking craze that swept through Europe in the 60s. He then came back to America to build his own trail boot monolith. The craftsmanship and passion that went into that first pair of boots is alive and well today in each pair of boots that hits the shelf and the trail.

Their long list of products are performance oriented and in their own words “purpose-built”. Unlike some other footwear brands that create a whole range of sport-specific shoes, Vasque focuses on hiking boots. Because of their specific focus, they have a history of innovating and investing in shoes that really hold up to the test of time.

The Gist

The Vasque Talus WT NTX is an Evolution

The Talus WT NTX is not the first of its kind, but it is intentionally designed to meet different needs than its predecessors. While many of the previous designs have been waterproof, this is the first time the Talus has been made to meet the needs of winter hikers. What more is there than being waterproof? Namely the 200g of insulation and specialty Vasque ColdHold compound that provides extra grip in icy conditions. Despite the extra insulation, the Talus WT NTX isn’t much heavier than other Talus options, weighing in at 2lbs 7oz, making the new Talus a great option for anyone looking for a winter boot that won’t weigh them down.


The Vasque Talus WT NTX Makes Winter Walking Way More Comfortable

The Talus WT NTX is an exceptional answer for winter hikers who don’t want to compromise. This is a boot that is made for conquering snowy mountain trails but one that will look just as good traversing the, potentially more harrowing, city streets. It has all the technical features of an outdoor boot in a sleek package that you can style with ease. Plus you can’t take for granted that it’s comfortable, something Vasque makes a priority in all their products.

Step away from your basic hikers, bulky snow boots, or sneakers this winter and consider picking up the Talus WT NTX for an understated winterproof boot that can carry you wherever you want to go.

Price: $180


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