POC’s Ventral SPIN Is the Fastest, Safest and Prettiest Cycling Helmet, Ever

The Cannondale–Drapac Pro Cycling Team and aerodynamics experts at WATTS Lab walked into a bar…


Hyperbole often comes in a loud, obvious package; not so with POC’s new helmet, the Ventral SPIN. Despite its clean lines and gentle curves, the Ventral SPIN packs some serious tech under its shell. POC created this helmet to be the most of everything — it’s the lightest, the safest, the most aerodynamic, and it provides the most ventilation (it’s also flat-out great-looking).

To create the Ventral SPIN, POC employed pro cyclists on the Cannondale–Drapac Pro Team and aerodynamics scientists at WATTS Lab. Together, the team created a design that forces air to move through the helmet instead of around it, increasing speed and ventilation at the same time. The Ventral SPIN also underwent rigorous computational fluid dynamics testing to pinpoint and perfect imperfections.

Even before speed, safety has long been POC’s priority in designing protective equipment, and with integrated SPIN technology, the Ventral is among the safest cycling helmets available. SPIN, which manifests physically as light blue-colored pads within the helmet’s interior, is designed to protect against multi-directional impacts during angled falls. The pads allow the Ventral SPIN to move separately from the head on impact, thereby reducing the directional forces that might injure the head and brain.

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