These Innovative Deadlift Weights Solve Two Annoying Design Flaws With One Fix

Rogue Fitness’s new Wagon Wheel weights solves two issues with one fix.


How do you make deadlifting easier on tall people and remove the need for blocks during block pulls at the same time? Rogue Fitness’s head-scratchingly simple and innovative answer: make the plate taller.

The new Wagon Wheel weight is your typical 45-pound plate, but instead of the typical 17.7-inch diameter of the Olympic plate, it stands at 26-inches. This allows block pulling — a technique used for a variety of reasons where a lifter rests the weights on elevated blocks in order to shorten their range of motion — without the blocks. It’s also a big help for long-limbed lifters who struggle to get down low enough to comfortably pull the bar up and anyone with back, knee or hip issues that may limit their range of motion. The Wagon Wheels also sport 1-inch wide steel lips that help with carrying and preventing wear and tear from drops and are made in the U.S.

Buy Now: $425

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