What Makes a Good Outdoor Knife? This New Collection Has It

Boker just released the Spain Collection, a group of three knives built specially to function in the great outdoors.


Technically, any pocket knife you own can be a useful tool in the outdoors. But knifemakers know that by applying specific materials, shapes and constructions they can make blades that are specially adapted to processing firewood, building shelters, and getting wet and dirty. Boker built its brand new Spain collection with this in mind.

The Spain set includes three knives: the Generalist, the Bushcraft FB and the Bushcraft Folder. All are made with handles of micarta, a material common in outdoor-oriented knives because it’s lightweight and provides excellent grip even when wet. Beyond that, each new knife comes with slight variations, but generally speaking, they all feature full, sturdy blades ideal for campsite tasks. The Generalist and Bushcraft fixed blade feature full-tang constructions with a steel type called MoVa that’s known to be very rust resistant. Their blade lengths measure up to 4.3 and 4.2 inches, respectively. The major difference between the two is shape: the Bushcraft uses an ergonomic handle and a drop point with a Scandi grind while the Generalist is more straightforward (and the Bushcraft comes with a leather sheath while the Generalist’s is nylon).

The Bushcraft Folder is slightly different, and not just because it isn’t a fixed-blade. Its blade features a more pronounced drop in its spine to the tip to create a finer point, and it’s made of 12C27 steel, a Swedish Sandvik type that’s common in other outdoor knives as well as in some razor blades. Boker built the Bushcraft Folder as a lockback to provide additional security when it’s being used. As a whole, the Spain collection focuses on utility more than anything else, which is the way a company should build a reliable outdoor knife.

The Generalist: $170Bushcraft FB: $160Bushcraft Folder: $135

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