These New Travel Pouches Are Incredibly Innovative

Travel essentials are usually basic goods to help you pack, but Nite Ize has included a far-reaching innovation in its RunOff Collection.


In a way, “travel essentials” is a debilitatingly general term. Nearly every brand makes an array of pouches, Dopp kits and tech pouches, but they’re usually somewhat of an afterthought, a means of filling in a category. That’s not how Nite Ize is approaching its new RunOff Collection, a series of pouches and cubes that integrates a new zipper technology that has implications far beyond these items.

Nite Ize’s new zipper is called TRU Zip. It’s completely waterproof — not just water-resistant, as many zippers billed as “waterproof” are — and doesn’t use the teeth that have defined what we think of as zippers for the last 125 years. The zipper closes with a design reminiscent of a Ziploc bag but is much stronger — strong enough to stand on one of the packing cubes without the zipper bursting. The RunOff Collection includes two packing cubes, a wallet, a phone pocket, a tech pouch, a toiletry bag, and a hardshell case. TRU Zip’s applications extend beyond these items though — we expect the new zipper could show up in everything from duffels to outerwear.

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