This Cycling Collection Is Built to Handle the City Commute

PEdALED was born out of urban cycling in Tokyo and has designed its new Urban Collection to perform both on and off the bike.



For city-bound bike commuters there are specific logistical issues to solve, the biggest of which is quite possibly what to wear. Do you go fully kitted and change at work? Do you just sport what you’re going to wear at work (chancing sweat stains)? Or do you find something in between?

PEdALED has an answer to this quandary with its brand new Urban Collection, designed to perform on and off the bike. PEdALED was born out of a love for urban cycling through the streets of Tokyo, meaning its founders know exactly what stylish-yet-versatile cycling clothes demand. Pieces like the Yobi Shirt and Ikiru Pants use lightweight materials, waterproof fabrics and hidden pockets fused with technical and contemporary features to ensure a full range of motion, all while still looking put together.

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