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Leatherman’s New Magnetic Multi-Tool Is Out Now

Leatherman’s new Free P Series multi-tools look like many of the company’s older models but are better in one critical way.


Earlier this year, Leatherman revealed details about its innovative new collection of multi-tools, the Free Collection, and the first of them, the P Series, just came out. The Free P2 and P4 are multi-tools you’ll recognize; pliers are the central implement (hence the “P” moniker), and a suite of other tools swivel out of the handles. The key difference here is that, unlike older models like the Wave, Free tools integrate a magnetic construction that makes opening and using the tool significantly easier. Now, users can access and operate every included tool with one hand, which on its own makes the Free tools a major upgrade over any multi-tool Leatherman made in the past.

Video: Watch the Leatherman Free P Series In Action

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Both the P2 and P4 contain a knife, scissors, bottle opener, screwdrivers, and other small tools, but the P4 is the more robust model with a saw and an additional, serrated knife blade. The other difference is price: the P2 retails for $120, the P4 for $140. Leatherman plans to expand the Free Collection throughout the year, too. In June it will launch the smaller T Series tools, which call to mind the classic Swiss Army Knife, and in August it will release the K Series, which adapts the magnetic structure to a folding pocket knife format that includes a few extra implements (so, technically, we can still call them multi-tools).

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