Lite a fire


For grilling in the great outdoors, lightweight construction and portability are a must, but without durability and a flexibility, there’s really not much point (or culinary joy) in lugging one around. Oddly, there aren’t that many great options out there. Newcomer SlatGrill ($110), designed by Chris Weyandt of St. Paul Minnesota, offers up a solution that hits the nail on its head. The grill can be placed over a natural fire or gas-fired stove — slats in the grill provide fire-breathing or space for an external fuel source pipe — and because it’s made from hard-anodized aluminum, the entire unit is corrosion resistant and cleans easily. It also sets up in a flash and packs down to just 18 x 5 x 2, inches into a canvas carrying case. Last, but not least the SlatGrill is guaranteed for life and made in the USA.

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