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Metolious Rock Rings

Strength for Climbers, Strength for All


Boredom is a killer when it comes to working out. Keeping things fresh and challenging helps keep you interested and in shape. A cool piece of equipment to check out, if your workout is getting stale, are the Metolious Rock Rings. Made for rock climbers to train their contact strength (pretty much your ability to hang on for dear life), they provide a humbling twist on the pull-up we all know and hate.


Pull-ups, in their own right, should be a bedrock of your regimen, working approximately 100 muscles in your upper body. Metolious Rock Rings take it to the next level by providing instability like a pair of gymnastic rings, and by providing four hand holds of varying difficulty. Another added benefit is their portability – you can bring them to the park and set them up on the swing set, bolt them to your ceiling (ask your significant other first), or even travel with them. At $30 they’re affordable too, which is a welcome in the overpriced world of fitness. So, if ninja-like grip strength sounds good to you, give them a look.

Editor’s Note: Metolius provides a good workout plan with the rings and more extensive advice online, but make sure to scale up slowly to the full workout unless you’re Dean Potter. I tried the ten minute one workout my first time with them and found my grip woefully lacking. Also, I would recommend going to the local outdoors outfitter and getting some extra rope and carabiners. For an additional $20, I’m now able to set up pretty much anywhere.

Cost: $30 | $30 @ Amazon

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