Anon M1 Magnetic Ski Goggles

Everything just clicks


Plenty of goggle brands have introduced interchangeable lens systems over the last several years. The ability to swap lenses tailored for specific conditions has been a boon for powder hounds seeking an edge, but the changing process is still too tedious to do on the mountain. Rimless iterations made things slightly faster, but users still need to take them off to make changes, and can easily mess up the alignment if they aren’t careful.

Anon’s Magna-Tech system debuting on the newly announced M1 goggles utilizes six magnetic connection points to provide up to 20 lbs of retention force. This allows users to swap in six various tint styles with just a quick pull, all while keeping the goggles on. Unfortunately, your dreams of being the fastest lens draw in the West this season will have to be tabled, since Anon says the M1’s are scheduled to hit shelves next fall. Until then, you can check out the video of the system in action after the break.

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