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The Best Motorcycle Goggles to Buy

Goggles may seem like an old-school or MX-only accessory, but they can be an essential piece of moto gear.

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Goggles may seem like an old-school or MX-only accessory and something to overlook while making substantial investments to get the best boots, gloves and motorcycle pants. But if you have ever had a motorcycle helmet shield rip clean off when your brain bucket tips off the seat of your bike when you stop for coffee (yes, this has happened to me), you understand the value of backup eye protection. And, yes, if you are an ADV/MX rider, goggles can be essential when riding slowly over rough terrain, protecting your vision while you pop that visor lid for some much-needed venting.

Here's our list of the best motorcycle goggles you can buy, including a variety of fits and a range of pricing and application options. One key bit of advice: make sure you try on the goggles with your helmet before you're about to head out on that big ride.

What to Look for When Buying Motorcycle Goggles

Lenses: You want your goggles to work in all light conditions. The best goggles offer a photochromic lens that can adjust to different lighting conditions. Cheaper goggles may require you to swap lenses. If you have to do the latter, you want to do so easily.

Anti-Fogging and Venting: Fogged goggles can be both irritating and a safety issue. Certain goggles come with an anti-fog coating on the lenses. You can also buy spray-on anti-fogging solution as well. Having adequate venting can also reduce condensation on the lenses.

Having the Right Fit: You want to make sure your goggles will stay in place while riding. Look for comfortable and moisture-wicking interiors and wide, secure and adjustable straps.

Your Helmet: Most goggles will be designed to accommodate a wide variety of motorcycle helmets. But some goggles are specialized for certain types of riding (and the helmet you'd typically use for that activity). Make sure the goggles fit the eye-opening of the helmet you plan to use.

Can You Wear Motorcycle Goggles Over Glasses?

Yes. Many brands make specific over-the-glasses (OTG) goggles for prescription glasses wearers. Look for wider goggles that can fit around the lenses. You also want to buy goggles with excellent ventilation and anti-fogging protection. Alternatively, some goggles can be fitted with prescription lenses so you don't need to wear goggles.

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