One of Our Favorite Energy Drink Brands Launched a CBD Beverage, and We’re Intrigued

KILLCLIFF has waded into the hemp-infused market with a little something called Orange Kush. Here’s our gut reaction.


I believe I speak for the entire Outdoor & Fitness Desk when I self-diagnose a serious case of CBDF, a.k.a. Cannabidiol Fatigue. While the general public may not be hearing about it daily, we’ve been pitched everything from tinctures to gummies to recovery cream to sunscreen to water infused with the stuff. 

At the same time, when one of our favorite performance beverage brands, KILL CLIFF, announced a limited-edition CBD beverage, we took notice. We’ve been fans of the brand’s energy and recovery drinks for a while now, thanks to a light, refreshing level of carbonation, low calorie counts and noticeable effectiveness. Throw in the fact that KILLCLIFF was founded by a Navy SEAL and aims to raise $1 million for the Navy SEAL Foundation, and what’s not to like?  

The new drink, Orange Kush, offers 25mg of CBD alongside B vitamins and minerals, electrolytes, green tea caffeine and plant extracts, all combining to help you chill out and recover from the toughest workouts. I’m actually drinking an ice-cold 12-ounce can as I write this article, while simultaneously attempting to bounce back from a pretty aggressive weekend spent motorcycling and mountain biking at and around the Mid-Atlantic Overland Festival

And while the jury is still out on where this unrelenting CBD movement will take us, I can tell you that this sugar-free, 15-calorie beverage, which tastes like a hemped-out Sunkist in the best possible way, sure is helping me relax in the midst of a busy work day. Just a little hazy but not unfocused, and the aches and pains brought on by hard riding seem to be fading. Is that feeling supported by science? By emotion? A bit of both? All I know is this Kush is crushing my normal Tuesday anxiety, and as the great David Wooderson would say, that’s “alright alright alright.”

KILL CLIFF CBD in Orange Kush is expected to ship this week.

Buy now: $69/12-pack

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