UVU Cold Race Jacket 01

Don't leave for the Poles without it

Two questions. First: have you ever run a marathon at the North Pole? Second: have you ever spent nearly $2,000 on a running jacket? If you answered “yes” to either question, then read on.

Taking extreme technical wear to, well, the extreme the UVU Cold Race Jacket 01 (£1,200) is built from the ground-up for runners in artic temperatures. Unlike that jumper you don for your Sunday morning run, the Cold Race Jacket is ground proven at the North Pole Marathon (yes, that one) and built from the exotic Shoeller c_change climate and temperature membrane, which functions similarly to that of a pine cone: opening in reaction to higher external or body temperatures, and closing in response to colder ones. You’ll also find conveniences like single-handed hood adjustment, and external arm watch housing.

Now, you might be thinking, “that’s one damn expensive piece of running gear”, but here’s some math for you to consider. Let’s say you can score a basic jacket running jacket for $50 to wear, and the entry fee for the Boston Marathon is $150. That’s 30%. On the other hand, the cost of the North Pole Marathon will run you about $15,700, making the Cold Race Jacket about 12% of the race entry fee. And for a race at the North Pole, we’d consider splurging a little.

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