These Are the Best New Bikes and Bike Products, According to Experts

The judges at Europe’s biggest bike trade show, Eurobike, have spoken.


Every year, bike innovators, manufacturers, retailers, media and enthusiasts gather in the border town of Friedrichshafen, Germany, to check out and share the latest and greatest developments in the two-wheeled world. It’s called Eurobike, and one highlight is the trade show’s much-sought-after Gold Awards. From over 400 entrants, the judges chose the following nine winners this week. Biggest takeaway: Wow, they sure do love e-bikes over there, huh?

Cero One Electric Cargo Bike


Judges say: “A compact e-cargo bike with a good carrying capacity. Clever features include the modular accessories that can be fitted to the front and rear carriers. We considered this a sturdy workhorse for everyday use. Its low centre of gravity provides stability.”

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e-muli STEPS


Judges say: “The new e-muli cargo bike impressed us with its clear, plain styling and the clever integration of the new Shimano drive. Utility has priority and turns this agile cargo bike into a very practical yet also most inspiring workhorse. It is also small and compact.”

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Superdelite GT rohloff HS with GX option


Judges say: “We had great fun with this multi-talent from the luxury end of the cycling world. One of its perfectly engineered features is the extended range provided by the double battery integrated invisibly into the frame.”

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Van Raam Chat Rickshaw Transport Bike


Judges say: “This rickshaw bike has an impressive quality of detail. We found it very easy to ride and liked its wide range of safety features, particularly the good visibility through the canopy.”

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AirWinder Self-Inflating Bicycle Tire


Judges say: “There are too many bikes on the road with excessively low air pressure. This product increases safety and saves riders even having to think about checking their tyres.”

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FOX Live Valve


Judges say: “A smart system that reads the terrain and makes very fast setting changes in suspension. It has been proven at the highest level. We particularly liked the added safety this brings and the fact that the rider can concentrate more on the trail – and of course have more fun.”

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SRAM & RockShox AXS


Judges say: “A smoothly functioning and race-proven wireless system that has the potential to revolutionise bike design. It makes fitting components easier and has an excellent finish. To date electronic gear shifts and seat post adjustment [like the Reverb AXS shown here] have been integrated into the system.”

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I LOCK IT [for Bosch e-bikes]


Judges say: “Lock up by removing the display: simply remove the display [not shown] when you stop off for a snack and I LOCK IT simultaneously secures the bike via the frame lock [shown] fitted to the rear wheel. A perfect anti-theft device for those short stops because many people take the display with them in any case. It’s particularly pleasing to see that the company has linked up with the market leader as its partner.”

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Judges say: “This Swiss-made cycle makes no compromises on either quality or materials. Overall finish, attention to detail, craftsmanship of the joints and integration of the cables are all excellent. Thanks to the modular design, one of the two batteries can be removed to reduce weight for shorter trips.”

Note: This bike also won a Start-Up Award, so it’s sort of like the rookie of the year.

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