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Knog Strongman U-Lock

We thought it'd be bigger


There’s a reason bouncers at clubs look like suited-up gorillas with earpieces—perception is a key proponent to security. If you look like you shouldn’t be messed with, chances are, you won’t be. The Knog Strongman ($100) follows this line of thinking with its aggressively designed, silicone-molded steel frame, and backs up its looks with a Gold Standard rating from security-testing firm, Sold Secure. Knog’s own in-house grading, which includes a stress test of using the Strongman as a hitch to lift a car—rates the lock as a 90 (“Ghetto”) out of 100 (“War Zone”), making it more secure than necessary for a “Slum” or “Crack House” (80 and 70, respectively).

And while the assertive angular construction can stop most any would-be thief, the Strongman’s size is impressively compact. Available in three colorways (black, white and red), the lock itself is slightly smaller than a standard u-lock, making this bike bouncer’s size more Dalton than dump truck. And if you’ve ever seen Roadhouse, you’ll know that Patrick Swayze-level security is pretty much the highest level you can achieve.

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