Handpresso Wild Hybrid

As flexible as it is portable


We’ve already established that the Handpresso is a great security blanket for coffee fiends with a penchant for outdoor adventures. It’s one achilles heal is a dependence on Easy Serve Espresso pods. Handpresso clearly heard the gripes of purists everywhere and addressed the situation with their new Handpresso Wild Hybrid ($130). Unlike its predecessors, this “wild” device allows users to pick between their own grounds or ESEs. Otherwise, it’s Déjà vu all over again. Simply pump up the press to 16 bar of pressure (10-30 pumps, depending strength and speed), like a bicycle pump, add hot water and you choice of coffee, seal the pump up and press the dispensing button: viola — 50ml of passable espresso. It’s not quite “Housewives of Orange County” clamping — at 1.2 pounds, but the Wild Hybrid is an easily justifiable and improved indulgence that still keep you’re “roughing it” cred in tact, at least in Berkley.

Buy Now: $130

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