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Want to Run Farther? Asics’s New Shoe Might Help

Asics’s new running shoe, GlideRide, uses a unique construction to help propel runners from one stride to the next.


Earlier this year, Asics revealed a new running shoe called MetaRide that was based entirely on the idea of helping runners go long distances in comfort. While that trait might be the common target for many running shoes, Asics addressed it in a unique way with the MetaRide. The shoe features a rockered sole designed to help roll the foot through its stride, propelling a runner forward at the same time. Runners who are used to more typical shoes might find the feel of the rockered sole a bit awkward, so Asics is widening its appeal with a new model called GlideRide.

Like MetaRide, GlideRide has a rockered sole designed to propel runners from one step to the next, minimizing the movement of (and work done by) the lower leg. But to make that feeling less alien, Asics reduced the sole’s curve and increased the midsole’s cushioning. The result is something between Asics’s original concept and a traditional running shoe; in other words, it’s a more approachable introduction to a new way of running.

The GlideRide is now available on Asics’s website, stores and in specialty running retailers.

Buy Now: $150

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