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Gerber Gator Combo Axe

Hatchet Job


When you need to do a hatchet job, best to have a hatchet at hand; however, sometimes the job requires you cut like a knife. For both occasions, the Gerber Combo Axe solves your tool dilemma, saving you from using the wrong cutter by storing a knife inside the axe handle. Both are outfitted with Gerber’s Gator textured rubber handles for both comfort and control in sweaty hands. The hatchet’s glass-filled nylon handle is built for durability to forgive missed or glancing blows. The hilt-less knife, held in its storage space by magnet, comes with an almost 3 inch blade and a decent-sized 4 inch grip. The toolset comes with a sheath — not that you’ll use it — the Gator combo is so useful we fully expect it to be ever-present on any job requiring a good ol’ hew.

Buy Now: $45

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