Kickstarter: Copenhagen Parts Magnetic Bike Light

Attractively simple

Copenhagen Parts

Copenhagen, like many congested metropolitan areas, has a strong bike traffic presence. It’s also a pretty dark place come winter. Add a few Danish problem solvers from Copenhagen Parts and the result is the Magnetic Bike Light — a simplistic, functionally driven version of your everyday bike torch.

Each LED light attaches to the bike frame via a magnet: stick it to your ride and it automagically turns on. Remove it, and the pocket-friendly light shuts off and stows away, ensuring exactly 0% chance of theft. The magnetic light fits securely anywhere on the frame; it’s smartly designed with an angle that optimizes visibility. It may not be the futuristic light cannon that you see attached to some carbon fiber roadsters out there, but it should be right at home for your trusty commuter. A donation of $30 gets you a pair of bike lights and free shipping.

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